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Belkins Group is a global technology company that operates in the marketing and sales tech space. We leverage proprietary technology and a unique marketing methodology to provide our clients with a range of marketing services and products in a variety of industries. Our award-winning, blended SAAS and Service model has been fine-tuned over the last 7 years and has supported hundreds of clients globally.

Working at Belkins means embedding excellence into every work-related activity and being free to create your own way of doing things while getting all the guidance needed.

• When you’re with us, expect lots of support and encouragement both from your team leads and peers
• You’ll be working alongside people who love what they do and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with everyone around them.
• You’ll also have limitless opportunities to explore — whether that means building up new areas of expertise or taking your career in a different direction!

We are excited to invite an Executive Marketing Assistant to join the Belkins team. You will work directly under one of Belkins’ founders, Michael Maximoff, assisting him with digital marketing-related initiatives to help Michael build a larger personal brand alongside Belkins and other companies that Michael runs. This is a unique opportunity to work with some of the best marketing minds in B2B, alongside a team of 50 marketers, CMOs, and CEOs, with a $2M annual marketing budget.

As an Executive Marketing Assistant to CEO, you will:

    • Assist the CEO by fulfilling various marketing-related tasks upon request;
    • Develop and implement a cohesive personal branding strategy for the CEO, including social media presence, public relations efforts, and content creation;
    • Manage and enhance the CEO’s social media profiles and presence, ensuring consistent messaging and engagement with the audience;
    • Forge and maintain strategic relationships with key industry players, influencers, and media representatives to enhance brand visibility and reputation;
    • Coordinate and manage public appearances, speaking engagements, and other PR events to maximize opportunities for brand exposure;
    • Collaborate closely with the marketing team to align personal branding efforts with the company's overall marketing strategy;
    • Monitor and report on the effectiveness of personal branding and marketing activities, utilizing analytics to inform strategy adjustments as needed;
    • Stay abreast of industry trends, emerging platforms, and best practices in personal branding and marketing to continuously innovate and improve strategies.

You will be successful in this role if you have:

    • 3+ years of experience in B2B digital marketing or business development;
    • 2+ years of experience in a similar role (executive marketing assistant to CEO or CMO) would be a plus;
    • Advanced or Native level of English;
    • Extensive knowledge of content creation (visual and text), PR, and Social Media;
    • Critical thinking and attention to detail;
    • Time-management skills, organization skills, ability to multitask;
    • Strong interpersonal, collaborative, and communication skills, ability to interact successfully with people of all levels internally and externally;
    • Capacity to handle tight deadlines and last-minute changes, and adapt fast while remaining flexible;
    • An extra level of responsibility and ability to handle sensitive information;
    • Ability to travel to conferences within the US and Europe.
Here at Belkins, we appreciate you for who you are, for your personality, passion, and spirit, for your desire to learn and improve your expertise and skills, for creating opportunities and achieving ambitious goals!

We care for our team, therefore we provide:

• Competitive compensation;
• Flexible schedule, remote or hybrid work from Kyiv, Lviv, or Warsaw office;
• Collaborative, friendly, and hassle-free environment;
• The best possibilities for professional development and career growth, both internal and external;
• Access to Internal e-library, Notion;
• English lessons, covered by the company;
• Refund for psychotherapy sessions;
• Paid vacation, days off, and sick leaves;
• U.S. public holidays are off — we work according to the U.S. calendar;
• Exciting and memorable team-building activities.