Director, Process & Quality (bellhop lifecycle and business automation)

Chattanooga, TN/Atlanta, GA
Bellhops is new breed of moving company on a crusade to transform the $15B+ moving market into an industry that’s more trustworthy, reliable, and fun. We combine our tech-enabled logistics management platform with our outstanding workforce of movers and drivers to deliver easier and more enjoyable moving experiences at prices that are +20% less than industry. We have a mind for technology and a heart for delivering outstanding customer experiences.

This is where you come in…

As the Director, Process & Quality you’ll be in charge of leading a multi-function team in charge of ensuring we deliver the best customer and Bellhop experience every time.  Your team helps develop the training we provide to Bellhops, owns the Bellhop lifecycle to understand how we welcome individuals into our community and help them growth with us, as well as draws on your analytical acumen to help identify the biggest opportunities to systematize quality improvements.  You’re both people and business savvy, and exercise high judgement in helping translate technology and processes into real world results. Finally, you’ll partner with our tech team to ensure that the improvements you’re driving make it into our product.

Key Responsibilities

    • Ensure every Bellhops on our platform knows what they are doing - Moving is hard work, but it also requires skill and knowledge.  Develop the processes and tips that help our Bellhops deliver the professional service that customers crave and deserve.
    • Manage the Bellhop lifecycle - From “hey, a few extra dollars sounds fun” to a dedicated member of the community - you’re in charge of mapping the Bellhop lifecycle.  From the first email they receive from us, to the gentle tips along the way that turn them into an awesome mover and community mentor, you’re responsible for creating the digital communications architecture that serves as the voice of the company.
    • Set the communications architecture for the community - You’re responsible for deciding how we talk to Bellhops and what tools we should use.  Partner with the market manager team to bring those communications to reality.  Remember that moving is a team sport and many of our Bellhops in each city know each other well.
    • Drive quality in all our interactions - Your team may not be on the front lines with Bellhops, but you’re responsible for bringing your analytical acumen and strong process-driven mindset to bear in prioritizing business problems and then helping other teams deploy the solutions that solve Bellhop and customer pain points.
    • Drive automation to enable scale - Bellhops is rapidly growing, and every year we strive to increase revenue without linearly increasing headcount. Your team is on the front lines of automating our operational processes and enabling the operations team at large to each year become ever more efficient.


    • Strong business judgement - We’re looking for an autonomous decision maker who can self-identify the highest priority opportunity and organize their team against crushing that problem.
    • Experience in a technology startup focused on the physical world - Bellhops is a technology startup, but we are moving real things and real people in the physical world.  It’s not just code behind the buttons you press, you are influencing the people who will help our customers on one of their toughest days.
    • Strong stakeholder manager - Your decisions have company-wide impact and will require broad buy-in.  You’re adept at driving teams towards consensus, working with others, and accomplishing things through influence.
    • Self-driven and highly adaptable - Bellhops is still at a very early stage, and we’re still honing our model.  You’re both in the driver’s seat as well as happily along for the ride - ready and willing to re-rack priorities as we learn more about our business.
    • Managerial expertise - You want to lead and motivate a team; develop others; and know that a manager is responsible for accomplishing things through others through inspiration and leadership.
    • B. S. or 4 years of equivalent work experience; 5-10+ years of post-education professional experience; MBA preferred but not required.
This position is a key member of the Bellhops leadership team and requires an individual of substantial judgement and presence who can autonomously own and direct their function. We're looking for someone who will attack business problems with relish and relentlessly drive automation and quality in our marketplace.

This job is located at our headquarters in Chattanooga, TN or at "HQ2" in Atlanta, GA. A presence in both offices will be necessary for success.