Market Operations Specialist, Bellhop Success

Atlanta, GA
As a Market Operations Specialist, you will ensure that Bellhops continues to match customers with only the best and brightest. You will help to think through a process that establishes that bellhops (movers on our platform) understand and utilize best moving practices so they are successful in delivering high-five moving experiences to customers. You will work with the team in developing and executing this process on the ground, certifying that individual bellhops have the ability to take advantage of these best practices. Market implementation will be at the forefront, making previous moving experience a huge plus. 

Primary Responsibilities

    • Ensure bellhop success ​- It will be your responsibility to ensure the bellhops within the region are all utilizing the best practices to make each move a high-five customer experience
    • Work cross-functionally ​- You will coordinate with other operational teams and in the field to continually seek new solutions to improve bellhop best practices.
    •  Grow and adapt to business needs​- You will be on the front lines of market implementation. The role will change over the course of time and you will be able to rise to the occasion to tackle these changing business problems.
    • Be on the ground with bellhops - ​This role will require that you be on the ground for moves to understand the effectiveness of how bellhops are utilizing these best practices

Preferred Qualifications

    • You have a BS/BA, preferably with a major in business, communications, marketing; or four years of equivalent practical experience. Previous moving experience is a plus.
    • A passion for the moving industry​- The work you do will be influencing best practices for the bellhops on our platform on a daily basis.
    •  Ability to travel​- This role will require up to 100% travel to be in our cities. In market visits will be vital for the effectiveness of the process.
    • You can communicate clearly and efficiently​- This is a cross-functional role which will require constant communication with internal and external partners.
    • Owners grit​- You’re self-directed to the core, with superior organizational skills and great follow through on tasks

Why Work at Bellhops?

●  Because moving stinks... ​- Moving is considered one of the most stressful times in people’s lives. You will join our crusade to turn a stressful process into an enjoyable one, and transforming a $15B industry.

 ... and we have the recipe to fix it​ - Our tech enabled approach and industry-first business model have given us a huge head start in disrupting the industry. You will be joining us at a time where you have huge opportunity to make impact, to be an entrepreneur and to chart the course for this change.

●  Our culture and team sets us apart ​- We have an irreverent ownership culture that is steeped in a love for our hops and our customers. You will be empowered everyday to completely own your portion of the business, experiment with new ideas, and feel thoroughly supported. You’ll be doing it alongside some super smart, driven and happy colleagues.

●  Perks! ​- We are competitive in our offer packages and provide a significant equity incentive. We also have a complete set of perks including health, dental, maternity leave, etcetera.

Our Values / Leadership Principles 

While each member of our team has a specific, clearly defined role, we’re all connected by a strong set of values that’s been developed to build long-term relationships, foster advancement, and guide the decisions we make. We want each individual at our company to grow as we grow. And so we invest in their professional development and support them as they learn new skills and take on bigger challenges. To bring out the best in our people, each day we encourage and celebrate:

Servant’s Heart
Blow the Customer’s Mind / Treat the Bellhops Like Royalty
Our #1 priority is to deliver truly exceptional customer experiences. We avidly listen to their needs and then act and build in ways that greatly exceed expectations. This same level of empathy and care applies to all those on our front lines. We let our Bellhops and customers know that ” we got you.” 
Give Energy, Don’t Take It
We support and develop our all of our team members and make them better. We avoid drawing attention to ourselves and are never a jerk or prideful.
Keep it real
We are truth seekers. We say what we really mean through direct, honest and productive communication. We always demonstrate radical candor and radical transparency.
Owner’s Grit  
Responsibility and freedom
Each employee has the responsibility to behave like an owner, to never pass the buck and to always advance the long-term well being of the company. To enable this responsibility, leaders create an environment where others can solve problems and achieve their goals as they see fit.
Do More with Less
We recognize the constraints of our industry and are frugal. We find ways to achieve better results with less resources than the competition. We ask  ”how many moves would this cost’ to judge the value of an expense.

Winning Drive
We’re action-oriented and operate under a perpetual sense of urgency to produce results. We’re agile, move lightning fast and are willing to trade-off cost and perfection for it. 
Move the Needle
We deliver results that make a meaningful difference. We ruthlessly prioritize the work with the biggest customer impact. We never compromise and do not settle for mediocre results. 
Relentlessly Raise the Bar
We have very high standards and continuously elevate them. We take deep pride in our work and never half-ass it. We hire A+ talent and develop high performing teams. We challenge ourselves to continue adapting and growing. 

Innovator’s Mind
Think Big
We attack our hardest problems head on with bold and innovative solutions. We mix a heavy dose of ambition into what we believe is possible and are constantly evangelizing.
MVP Mindset
We believe in a minimum viable product mindset where we perpetually invent, learn and iterate. We’re not afraid of failure and avoid long debates in-lieu of experimentation.
Data Driven
We think in data and leverage it as a critical element in decision making and goal tracking. Data always trumps a hunch, but in the absence of data we trust logic and gut instinct.
Develop a Strong Conviction, but Hold It Loosely
We do the necessary work to develop an opinion and are right a lot. But, we’re open minded and are not afraid to pivot if the right answer comes from someone else. Once a decision is made, we’re all-in and will gladly disagree and commit.

Playful Spirit
Choose to make it fun
We elevate the mood for our customers and our teammates by approaching our work with enthusiasm and optimism.

This role will be located at our “HQ2” in Atlanta, GA.