Animation Production Manager - Netflix Series

Burbank, CA
Production Staff
Full Time
This posting is for an Animation Production Manager on an upcoming Netflix animated series. We're looking for a PM with series experience and a solid knowledge of organizational principles and softwares. This role requires a strong communicator with a firm ability to think on their feet. Employee will be responsible for helping build and maintain pipeline and pipeline tracking in a demanding, fast-paced environment. Reporting to producers, managing assignments for artists and organizing delivery of files are all part of a day's work. Resourcefulness, creativity and calm thinking under pressure are a must!

Employee Responsibilities

    • Supervise Production Coordinators and Production Assistants. Work with additional departmental Support Staff.
    • Properly assign person-power while balancing deadline, budget and production needs.
    • Track design and animation assets through various stages of production. Identify, manage and report potential issues to Producers in a timely, calm and clear manner.
    • Help supervise design and maintenance of pipeline/workflow for the entirety of the series.
    • Assist in recruiting and staffing. Help assess the work of prospective candidates and supervise the integration of new hires.
    • Encourage personnel’s overall perfomance and help anticipate and mediate employee-related issues.
    • Schedule, supervise and maintain production calendars. Manage invites and follow-ups as needed.
- Shotgun proficiency preferred
- Filemaker
- Excel proficiency
- Google Suite (Drive, Sheets, Gmail) proficiency
- Toonboom (Storyboard Pro, Harmony)
- Adobe Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop)
- A strong willingness/ability to learn additional softwares