Senior Data Analyst

Gurugram, Haryana
8. Data and Analytics – Insights and Strategy /
Roles and Responsibilities:

· Assist in managing and executing critical executive-level data analysis to drive informed decision-making processes, providing valuable insights to support strategic initiatives.
· Develop and maintain templated Excel models to facilitate financial forecasting and tracking, enabling effective monitoring of key performance indicators and financial targets.
· Utilize advanced analytical techniques to extract insights from raw data, automating business processes where possible to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.
· Collaborate closely with sales managers and teams to ensure data-driven decision-making processes are implemented, leveraging analytics to optimize strategies and drive performance.
· Apply expertise in business processes to identify areas for improvement and propose strategic changes aimed at enhancing organizational effectiveness, contributing to continuous improvement efforts.
· Conduct comprehensive analysis and prepare reports for leadership, highlighting key business trends related to conversions, sales efforts, and other relevant metrics, with a focus on providing actionable insights.
· Utilize quantitative analysis and data presentation skills to uncover insights beyond surface-level numbers, providing valuable understanding of user interactions with products and marketing initiatives.
· Contribute to overseeing the performance management of sales teams, providing data-driven insights and recommendations to enhance productivity and achievement of targets.
· Act as a strategic thought partner, collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive sustainable business growth through informed decision-making based on data insights.

About You:

· Possess 3-7 years of experience in data analysis, with a focus on delivering impactful insights and driving data-driven decision-making processes.
· Demonstrate a strong interest in personal and professional growth, with a proactive approach to assuming increased responsibilities and contributing to strategic initiatives.
· Strong proficiency in Excel is preferred, with experience in developing complex models and templates to support financial forecasting and reporting.
· Possess a solid analytical background with proficiency in data manipulation and analysis, including the use of tools such as SQL queries and Looker dashboards, or a willingness to learn these technologies for rapid iteration.
· Previous experience in startup environments is highly desirable, showcasing adaptability and resilience in fast-paced settings.
· Proficiency in programming languages such as Python is preferred, enhancing capabilities for data analysis and automation.
· Prior experience in finance or mortgage-related domains is advantageous, offering insights into industry-specific challenges and opportunities.
· Capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously, demonstrating strong organizational and prioritization skills.
· Hold a degree in marketing, finance, statistics, or a related analytical discipline, providing a solid foundation for data-driven decision-making.
· Possess exceptional attention to detail, balancing strategic vision with meticulous execution to drive tangible outcomes.