Underwriting Specialist

Gurugram, Haryana
2. Mortgage Operations – Underwriting /

As an Underwriting Specialist, it is our responsibility to make intelligently aggressive risk decisions that are rooted in knowledge and experience. Through the talent of our team we are making the homeownership process simpler, faster - and most importantly, more accessible for all Americans.

The Underwriting Specialist role uses established underwriting guidelines, to evaluate borrower financial and credit information in tandem with property valuations to make informed lending decisions on our more basic loan files. Our underwriting specialists work closely with all members of the production team throughout the process to bring loans to closing.
You will have the opportunity to underwrite a wide array of property, income and credit profiles.  Additionally, there will be continued education to help you develop your underwriting skills and overall credit acumen, that will lead to a successful career in mortgage underwriting. We value the experience gained while in this role to help bridge the gap to becoming a seasoned Underwriting Specialist.


       Bachelor's degree in finance, business, or a related field is typically required.
       Minimum 1 years experience in core US mortgage Underwriting.
       Strong analytical skills with the ability to evaluate complex financial documents.
       Knowledge of mortgage industry regulations, primarily conventional loan programs.
       Familiarity with underwriting software and automated underwriting systems (AUS) such as LP and DU.
       Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
       Attention to detail and the ability to work independently.


       Evaluate  and recommend decision for agency conforming residential mortgage loans
       Verify and analyze all necessary financial information and documentation; ensure that loan files contain all necessary credit and legal documents
       Perform thorough analysis of applicant's income and expense data, asset documentation, and credit reports, in order to affirm borrower qualifies for loan.
       Calculate qualifying ratios, determine creditworthiness; provide risk opinions and recommendations (Conditionally Approve/Suspension)
       Maintain acceptable Quality Control standards set by the underwriting team.
       Communicate the documentation requirements to our internal processing partners .
       Engage in ongoing learning to expand mortgage underwriting around complex concepts and learn how to lean-into-the-grey.