Analytical Flavor Scientist

El Segundo, CA /
Innovation /

At Beyond Meat, we started with simple questions. Why do you need an animal to create meat? Why can’t you build meat directly from plants? Thus, we make plant-based meats that allow families to eat more, not less, of the traditional dishes they love while feeling great about the health, sustainability, and animal welfare benefits of plant protein. Our goal is to bring exciting change to the plate—and Beyond.


The Innovation team is seeking an outstanding individual to join Beyond Meat to further expand our analytical capabilities at the company’s headquarters in El Segundo, CA. The candidate will be a resident expert in state-of-the-art analytical methods and data analysis for flavor and aroma research. The Scientist will use their excellent problem solving and analytical skills to develop impactful research insights and meaningfully contribute to new product development.


    • Develop analytical methods for isolation, detection, identification, and quantification of flavor/aroma molecules
    • Conduct discovery phase research and quantitative analysis using diverse instrumental techniques as applied to complex meat and food matrices
    • Conduct cross functional research in flavor and aroma, including olfactometry analysis, sensory analysis, and supporting flavor/aroma product development work
    • Characterize and quantify food ingredients such as proteins, fats, flavorants, colorants, nutrients, and binders by developing unique analytical methods
    • Develop complex datasets and methods for analysis and interpretation
    • Develop research insights for how flavor/aroma composition impacts sample attributes and perceptions
    • Translate research results and concepts into meaningful research plans that address key questions within the Innovation team
    • Prepare reports and develop Standard Operating Procedures for potentially complex analytical methods for translation to the broader team
    • Ensure analytical equipment is maintained in good working order; troubleshoot and perform minor repairs as needed; oversee a preventative maintenance program
    • Maintain a safe and orderly laboratory and ensure compliance with all safety policies and practices
    • Supervise and mentor earlier-stage personnel in team operations including instrumental operation, reporting and method validation/qualification, investigating deviations and unexpected results
    • Collaborate with Innovation Senior Management in the growth and development of the Department
    • Collaborate with teammates in cross-functional settings to build a strong knowledge base and repository of food ingredients
    • Collaborate with the various cross-functional teams within the company


    • Ph.D. in Chemistry or related discipline with over 8 years of analytical chemistry experience in flavor/aroma research
    • Experience with GC and LC using mass and spectroscopic detection methods, ICP-MS/OES, spectroscopy methods (UV/Vis, fluorescence, AES/AAS, IR, CD, light scattering) and general chromatographic/separations methods including liquid extraction, solid phase extraction, ion and size exclusion chromatography
    • Extensive experience with HPLC/UPLC-MS and GC/MS with various sampling techniques is preferred (headspace, SPME, dynamic headspace), including with high resolution triple quad MS/MS systems 
    • Chemistry and separations know-how, experience with natural products isolation
    • Experience with developing complex datasets, omics small molecule research, script development for data handling, and/or database building is preferred
    • Experience with flavor/aroma descriptive training and olfactometry analysis is a plus
    • Experience with flavor/aroma in the context of product development is a plus
    • Exhibit strong technical skills and the ability to critically evaluate raw data and results without supervision
    • Proven ability to generate research plans that lead to meaningful conclusions
    • Must be skilled in operation of chromatographic data acquisition and processing software packages such as Agilent ChemStation, Shimadzu LabSolutions, and other software tools for data reduction and presentation.
    • Experience in the operation, minor maintenance, troubleshooting, and calibration of laboratory equipment required
    • Experience with statistical software and theory


    • Frequent sitting at a desk, communication using computer and phone
Beyond Meat is an equal employment opportunity employer. Candidates are considered for employment without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, ancestry, veteran status, marital status, gender identify, sexual orientation, national origin, liability for military service, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local law. If you are interested in learning the status of your application, please note you will be contacted directly by the appropriate human resources contact person if you are selected for further consideration. Beyond Meat reserves the right to defer or close a vacancy at any time.