Senior Software Engineer – Systems, Graphics

We're looking for a senior software engineer with experience with graphics programming. Expertise required in C/C++/Java, graphics fundamentals (DirectX 11, OpenGL ES), and multi-threaded programming.

You will work with our engineering team on cutting-edge, low-level functionality to make Bigscreen more useful and powerful for users.

About Bigscreen
Founded in 2014, Bigscreen is a California-based technology company creating an immersive virtual reality telepresence platform that aims to revolutionize the way people work, play, hangout, and collaborate. Since its beta launch in March 2016, it has become one of the most popular and highly rated VR apps. Power users spend 20-30 hours per week in Bigscreen, making it one of the most widely used "killer apps" in the industry.

Join us and help design the future of computing and collaboration.


    • Develop new features for Bigscreen (support for multimonitors, multi-GPUs, hooking into fullscreen DX games)
    • Improve text legibility in Bigscreen; integrate with VR compositors (layers), write custom shaders, experiment with different texture filtering methods for VR text rendering
    • Optimize performance of Bigscreen
    • Develop and experiment with the Windows Desktop Manager and new desktop compositors to create new "VR OS" functionality
    • Experiment and integrate with native GPU and CPU APIs to improve performance and functionality
    • Develop and optimize hardware accelerated video engine code on PC and Android
    • Develop and optimize an unreleased Bigscreen Android product

Required Skills

    • Strong experience with C/C++
    • Several years of experience with Direct3D 11+ on PC, and OpenGL ES on Android
    • Familiarity with Windows programming and Win32 APIs
    • Experience writing native C/C++ plugins for Unity on PC and Android
    • Experience writing and optimizing shaders
    • Good communication skills in English
    • Good engineering practices
    • Built and shipped several products/games
    • Experience working independently and collaboratively on small teams

Bonus Skills

    • Experience with VR graphics programming and VR compositors (ex. Oculus TimeWarp Layers)
    • Built and shipped a VR game/app on PC or mobile
    • Expertise in real-time video encoding and streaming
    • Experience with the Chromium codebase
    • Experience building VR apps in Unity
Location is Remote
We're currently in Berkeley, California (UTC-8) so ideally you live in North America or South America. We prefer if you live in a timezone that is less than 4 hours different from UTC-8 / Pacific Time.