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Bigscreen is looking for experienced 3D Art Director to build and lead an art team.

Bigscreen is a "VR movie theater" and we are designing social spaces where people around the world can meet and watch movies together. We're working with the big movie studios to host "VR movie nights": scheduled events where we host screenings of movies at specific times during the day.

"Theme parks" and "movie theaters" are our design metaphors. Places like Walt Disney World and Overwatch's "Blizzard World" and character art styles like Disney Infinity inspire us.

Avatar Design:
We're designing new avatars in a hand-painted style with more sculpted planar surfaces. We're solving challenging technical problems and creating tons of avatar components (hats, hairs, beards, bodies, shirts, etc.) to create expressive and unique social VR avatars.

Environment Design:
As we design the Bigscreen world and VR movie theaters, we want to keep storytelling and theme park design in mind:
Pre-show: Where is the customer before they watch a movie? How do they meet other fans of the movie? What storytelling and entertainment elements do we incorporate while they wait for the showtime?
Show: Where is the customer when they watch a movie? Is this movie theater indoors, on a lake, in the clouds, or a drive-in? How are the seats and props tie-in to the movie?
Post-show: Where does the customer go after the movie? Where do they chat with other fans about their experience?

And since Bigscreen is not just about movies:
How does this fit with the rest of the Bigscreen product, where people can play videogames in a virtual gaming lounge, or hangout and chat in a virtual living room or virtual campfire? How do people navigate/travel to these disparate areas within the "Bigscreen world"? What cues guide people to explore this world and discover the other environments/social spaces?

Help us solve these challenging problems and create inspirational VR worlds.


    • Recruit and manage a team of artists, including providing guidance, feedback, and mentorship
    • Manage the 3D art production pipeline and artist workflows to plan schedules, reduce wasted effort, ensure consistency, maintain a high quality bar, and ship amazing results
    • Hands-on work alongside the art team, designing and developing environments and avatars
    • Guide the visual art style of Bigscreen
    • Create concept sketches, assets, and benchmarks to guide and inspire the art team
    • Solve challenging design problems to improve the VR experience
    • Prototype and explore new storytelling and social VR ideas

Our ideal candidate has...

    • 10+ years of relevant experience in 3D art, art production, and managing art teams
    • Shipped multiple apps/games
    • Expertise with 3D tools (Maya, Quixel, Substance, etc.) and producing assets for realtime usage
    • Experience with physically based rendering (PBR)
    • Experience sketching concept art and prototyping
    • Experience with environment lighting in Unity
    • Experience with level design/interior design/architecture
    • Experience working at a remote company on small <20-person teams
    • Strong communication skills in English

Bonus skills

    • Experience designing VR games/social VR apps
    • Built and shipped a VR app/game
Base salary ranges from USD $125k-190k based on experience and location

Equity (stock options), bonuses, raises, and benefits are also offered in addition to the base salary

About Bigscreen
Bigscreen is a "VR movie theater"

We are a <10 person, fully remote company creating one of the most popular VR platforms in the world with nearly 1 million users. Founded in 2014, Bigscreen has $14 million in funding from top venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz & True Ventures.

Over the next 10 years, our goal is to build useful software for VR/AR headsets that people could use for 10 hours a day, every day, for telepresence/collaboration with coworkers, and social entertainment with friends. We believe VR/AR headsets will replace most screens (TVs, laptops, etc.) in 5-10 years.

Today, our power users already spend 20-30 hours every week using Bigscreen. The most popular use case of Bigscreen today is social video watching. We recently partnered with Paramount Pictures, MGM, and other major movie studios to distribute their movies in our social VR movie theater. Imagine watching the latest summer blockbuster in a virtual IMAX-like movie theater with friends around the world.

In the next year, we will expand Bigscreen to more VR/AR headsets (ex. PlayStation) and release major product updates such as new avatars, new environments, friend systems, and new paid/premium features such as selling virtual movie tickets to premium movie showings.

Why work with us?
Futuristic Product & Mission
Work on one of the most popular VR products in the world. Bigscreen has nearly 1 million users; power users spend 20-30 hours using Bigscreen every week, making it a "killer app" for VR.

Remote Work
Work from home at a high-growth, high-paying tech company, without wasting hours each week commuting into an office and without uprooting your life and moving to Silicon Valley. Our team is currently in San Francisco, Nashville, Denver, Argentina, and New Zealand.

Team Retreats
We do 2-3 retreats per year, and attendance is required. We travel to fantastic destinations around the world like Cancun, Mexico and Lisbon, Portugal. People with obligations (family/health/etc.) come for 7-9 days and some people stay longer if they can (10-15 days). It's an exciting opportunity to collaborate face-to-face and bond with the team.

Experienced & Diverse Team
We're a product-driven company. We're listening to our users, releasing frequent updates, working on hard engineering problems, and building a sustainable/profitable business with a long-term plan for the future of VR/AR.

Our founder is an experienced entrepreneur with a decade of experience in startups, engineering, and product design. Some of us have built several VC-backed tech startups. Some shipped award-winning videogames. Some of us have built lightfield rendering engines and entire game engines in the past.

Work Life Balance
As a tech startup, we work hard but we strike a healthy balance. We tend to work 5.5 days per week, and a bit more than a typical "M-F 9-5" job. But we don't work insane "100 hour weeks" or "crunch mode." We prioritize 8 hours of sleep, health/fitness, and family because we are in this for the long run and don't want to burn out.

Flexible Work Hours
Start your work day at anytime, take any breaks during the day (walk your dog, take kids to school, or cook with your family!), and end your work day at anytime. Some people take every Sunday off, and some people take time off during the middle of the week randomly. Some people start working at 7am local time, while others start working at 1pm and prefer to work late at night.

We don't measure work hours/schedule; we instead look for self-motivated people that work hard and care deeply about their work.

Big Growth, Big Salary, Big Equity
With $14 million in funding and a path to profitability, this is a long-term stable job with growth opportunities in a high growth company. We provide above-market rate salaries and a large equity (% ownership) stake in company, giving you a share in the potentially huge financial upside.

Computer hardware, VR headsets, coworking spaces, healthcare, paid leave, and more!

Time Zones
We strongly prefer if you are within +/- 5 hours of California