Unity3D Developer - PC


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General background

  • What got you interested in VR?
  • What is your proudest accomplishment?
  • Do you have a VR headset?
  • Have you tried Bigscreen?
  • If so, how would you improve Bigscreen?
  • Have you worked at small startups or indie game studios with less than 20 people?
  • Do you have experience working remotely?
  • Favorite movies, shows, or video games? (all time or recently!)
  • Generally, what time & days do you work now? Bigscreen is flexible. What times & days do you prefer to work? We have a flexible culture that lets you work whenever you work best.
  • Aside from work, what do you like to do? Wish you could do?
  • Describe something you learned / got better last year?
  • What would you like to learn / get better in the next year?
  • Why are you applying to Bigscreen? How did you hear about us?

Unity3D background

  • Which of the following areas are you experienced at?
  • Please share links to games that you worked on
  • Have you developed a VR or AR application?
  • What's a cool or useful tip about Unity that you've discovered?
  • Within Unity & 3D game development, what have you been learning recently? What would you like to learn more next year?

Unity Quick Technical Questions

  • A game runs at 120Hz, but a Player's motion is sent over the network at 15Hz. How do you make it look good on the receiving end?
  • Describe how to improve or fix this fading code http://bit.ly/2kvgvCM
  • Describe some optimizations for a scene with 10000 instances of 100 objects, with 100 textures, 100 materials, and 5 shaders

Additional information