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Biobot Analytics is a wastewater epidemiology company and uses technology developed at MIT to measure human health in sewage to understand population health in cities.

As Biobot’s first full-time computational biologist, you will define the bridge between our in-house lab and our engineering team. You’ll get to work with a variety of data types, starting with qPCR SARS-CoV-2 concentrations and targeted LC-MS/MS for hundreds of small molecules. As we expand our product offerings, you’ll lead Biobot’s explorations into leveraging next-generation sequencing and untargeted metabolomics of sewage, for example to monitor influenza strains or nutritional profiles in a community. Working with our engineering team, you’ll code pipelines to preprocess raw lab results into data used by our data science team to build insights and produce customer visualizations.

Roles and responsibilities

    • Work closely with Biobot’s in-house laboratory team to process raw lab results (qPCR, LC-MS/MS) into data that can be used by our data science team. Automate data processing steps and track and incorporate relevant protocol changes into downstream data analyses. You’ll code up these scripts yourself, and work with the data/engineering team to implement them into the production data pipeline.
    • Perform exploratory analyses on thousands of samples run to-date to investigate limits of detection, experimental variability, and batch effects. Ideally, you’ll also develop statistical methods to model these effects and correct for them.
    • Develop lab data QA/QC guidelines, and support the data/engineering team in implementing them into the production data pipeline. Also work with the engineering team to provide visibility into the data generated by the lab through automated visualizations and summary statistics.
    • Work across multiple Biobot teams to refactor existing opioid LC-MS data processing pipeline. Update pipeline so it can scale to hundreds of new customers and samples, automate peak review processes, develop and implement QA/QC processes, and provide visibility and error flagging on opioid data for internal teams.
    • Lead Biobot’s expansion into additional data types (e.g. sequencing for strain-level pathogen surveillance, metagenomics for antimicrobial resistance monitoring, untargeted metabolomics for nutritional profiling, etc). Identify opportunities for new products from the computational biology perspective, analyze results from pilot studies and R&D grants, and communicate your results internally and externally, including via academic publications.

Skills and qualifications

    • Computational biologist with extensive coding experience.
    • PhD in relevant field or Masters with 3+ years of experience in industry or contributing to open source software development.
    • Strong coding experience in at least one language. Our data/engineering team codes primarily in Python: previous experience with Python is a plus, but not required. If no prior experience, a willingness to learn Python will be highly beneficial.
    • Familiarity with qPCR, targeted LC-MS/MS, untargeted metabolomics, and/or genomics data analysis. Understanding of the lab techniques involved in generating these data types is an asset.
About Biobot Analytics

Our mission is to transform wastewater infrastructure into public health observatories. 

Biobot Analytics is a wastewater epidemiology company and uses technology developed at MIT to measure human health in sewage (based on what is excreted in urine and stool) to understand population health in cities. We first launched an opioid product to support government and public health officials in responding to the opioid epidemic, and have recently launched a Covid19 product to estimate the scope of the outbreak in communities. We are operating in almost 400 communities across 42 states, and generating Covid19 case estimates for over 10% of the U.S. population.

Inspired by the potential of wastewater epidemiology, we are the first company in the world to bring wastewater epidemiology to market. We are VC backed by top investors including The Engine, DCVC, Y Combinator and Homebrew.

Battling the drug epidemic and now the Covid19 outbreak is just the beginning - we’re transforming sewage into a data asset and building a public health database. Eventually, Biobot will be an early warning system for disease, a map of nutrition disparities, and more. Headquartered in the Boston area with an office in NYC, we aim to create the bedrock of human health infrastructure and smart cities in countries across all six continents.