Engineering Manager

Sevilla, Spain or Remote
This position is specifically a remote role or based out of our Sevilla office. Want more insight on what it's like to be a part of a distributed team at Bitnami? Take a look at this article, written by our own Director of Engineering, Victor Tuson Palau.

Bitnami is reinventing the software application experience. Our solution allows users to launch and run popular server applications and development stacks in the cloud and anywhere else just with a single click. The simple elegance of our approach has won us fans all across the world. Bitnami has grown to support over 1 million downloads each and every month. We have also become the largest source of applications for the leading cloud marketplaces including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Platform and Google Compute.

We’re looking for an experienced Engineering Manager to lead our Stacksmith Development  team. This role will also report to our Director of Engineering. The perfect person for this position has experience with enterprises as customers, a broad perspective of the cloud industry and where it is headed and has proven internal and external communication skills.

Stacksmith is Bitnami’s latest product focused on easing cloud migration for enterprises with existing legacy applications. We have early traction with end customers and with cloud partners. This is a great opportunity for someone to lead a thriving and growing product from early stages to maturity.

Role With The Team

    • Responsible for leading a team of senior engineers
    • Actively and proactively remove roadblocks that may be keeping the engineering teams from achieving peak effectiveness
    • Drive and uphold the morale, motivation and career development of the engineering teams
    • Heavily participate in the recruiting process for the Stacksmith and engineering teams to identify, recruit and onboard top technical talent and assist other teams with the same process
    • Ensure that all team members are performing adequately
    • Provide excellence in task management and ensuring that each team member is working on the right priorities each iteration
    • Recognize, encourage and reward high performers

Role With The Project

    • Collaborate with product management, sales, business development, end customers and other stakeholders to determine foci for each iteration
    • Maintain ultimate accountability for the delivery and quality of engineering of Stacksmith.
    • Manage and maintain a groomed and prioritized backlog of features and strategic priorities
    • Work closely with enterprise customers to bring cutting-edge features to Stacksmith and to aggressively remote adoption blockers

Your Role With The Product

    • Represent the engineering team and our product not only internally but externally to the industry, customers and partners
    • Communicate clear goals and problems to engineering teams so that they can exercise judgement and autonomy in achieving those goals and solving those problems
    • Constantly update, maintain and communicate a roadmap for the engineering team
    • Collaborate with other managers to turn Bitnami’s vision and strategy into actionable guidance for development teams
    • Work with other team managers to ensure that all teams are working together and effectively
    • Maintain effective relationships with related discipline leaders across the company and ensure that stakeholders are collaborating with the engineering team to accomplish their goals

Our Ideal Addition to the Team

    • Passionately believes in our mission to bring easy delivery of applications for any platform
    • Thinks strategically with a pioneer’s approach to problem-solving
    • Has exceptional people skills and a proven-track record for building high-performance software engineering teams
    • Understands how to inspire and coach a technical team from senior to junior engineers
    • Can collaborate and work alongside other business functions to set priorities and goals
    • Is confident working within a dynamic engineering-led culture that values both execution and technical excellence
    • Communicates persuasively and effectively to influence company strategy at the highest level


    • Competitive salary and stock options
    • Both vacation and sick time
    • Your choice of machine and hardware
    • Benefits vary based on location
Bitnami is on a mission to bring awesome software to everyone. We offer a library of popular server applications and development environments -- including WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, SugarCRM, Jenkins and more -- that can be installed with one click, either on a desktop, in a virtual machine or hosted in the cloud. Over 1 million applications are deployed per month through Bitnami and our partner marketplaces.

We are:
- Profitable and growing
- Headquartered in San Francisco with an office in Spain and remote team members in over 10 countries
- Part of Y Combinator's Winter 2013 batch

Learn more about our team and what it's like to work at Bitnami by visiting the About Us and Careers pages on our website.

Bitnami is an equal opportunity employer.