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Please note that we’re a remote first company. Also keep in mind currently we're located in UK, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and US and we can move forward with your application if you are a citizen of one of those countries. 

Bitrise is looking for an experienced, impact-driven and enthusiastic Developer Advocate to build, lead and grow our developer community alongside the Customer Marketing team. This newly formed role will understand our product, customers and market to engage, inform and bridge the gap between our community and the broader commercial organisation to make Bitrise the place where mobile product teams excel.

Bitrise was built by mobile developers, for mobile developers. Now, a team of 140 people work tirelessly on improving Bitrise, and tens of thousands of developers trust us to speed up and streamline their mobile development processes. As we continue to grow, maintaining our connection to the mobile development community is more important than ever. 

That’s where you come in!

Your mission? Ensure we build the things that mobile developers actually need, while spreading the word on the countless unique ways people use Bitrise every day.

Officially, you’ll be our second Developer Advocate, within the Customer Marketing team, in our Growth department. In reality, you’ll work closely with most of the company and a growing number of Bitrise ambassadors. 

If you’re passionate about helping developers build amazing mobile experiences with Bitrise, this is for you.

As a Developer Advocate at Bitrise you will

    • Advocate for our community’s needs within Bitrise, sharing feedback received from developers and following up with those that provided it
    • Help define our developer relations strategy by identifying impactful events, courses, tutorials, blogs on important topics and worthwhile content
    • Build and engage our community on a day to day basis, by keeping in touch with them through social media, email, slack and community forums
    • Contribute to the community by writing articles, producing tutorials, speaking and participating in meetups or events
    • Creating, hosting and/or participating in our recorded videos, webinars, podcast and other media
    • Promote Bitrise and engage with developers, via online communities and offline gatherings
    • Developing and executing new initiatives to further enhance the use of Bitrise around the world

Key skills and characteristics

    • Have multiple years of broad software development experience, with in-depth knowledge of either iOS-, Android- or cross-platform (React Native, Flutter) development
    • Have extensive experience in developer relations, developer advocacy, developer community management, or a related field
    • Have experience with different CI/CD platforms, preferably Bitrise
    • You are an experienced public speaker, and technical writer with proven track record
    • Strong interpersonal skills and communication ability
    • Active member on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit with an extensive follower base
    • Have experience developing resources like documentation, video tutorials or sample apps to support a developer platform or product
    • Willing to travel, if and when circumstances allow for in-person events again
    • Ability to evaluate and prioritize initiatives based on context and expected ROI

What would really knock our socks off

    • Experience in Mobile app deployment processes
    • Experience in contributing to open-source projects 
    • Experience with different community tools such as Airtable and/or Orbit
    • Experience with video tutorials, having an existing follower base through community engagement

What we offer

    • Accelerated learning, and a commitment to invest in your personal growth and development in the form of courses, conferences, book allowance and more
    • A massive amount of freedom and trust while your contributions help shape and grow Bitrise for years to come
    • The opportunity to play a role in the mobile development process for the world’s most successful companies
    • The security of working in a financially stable, growing company with an ever-expanding global customer base
    • The opportunity to travel the world to meet, learn from, and connect to end-users at conferences and meetings, as well as the chance to occasionally work from one of our international offices*

    • * Dear Applicant, please note that due to COVID-19, our team is completely remote (including the interview process) in all locations until we truly feel that working from the office is a super safe and risk-free solution for our colleagues. As our Bitrisers’ health and protection are so important for us the travel opportunities and global in-person team building events are on hold for a while.
About Bitrise

Bitrise is a mobile DevOps platform and a mobile CI/CD service. It’s where tens of thousands of mobile teams build, test and deploy their apps, including companies such as Transferwise (now “WISE”), Virgin Mobile, Grindr, Tonal, Compass, Mozilla, Philips Hue, Babbel and others. With customers ranging from startups and mobile unicorns to centuries-old enterprises, applications built, tested, and deployed through Bitrise have made their way to billions of end users around the world. Chances are, you have at least some of those apps on your phone right now. We’re proud Y-Combinator alumni.

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