Cryptoeconomics Research & Analysis

San Francisco, California
Full Time
We’re looking for someone who loves thinking about the future of cryptoassets and the evolving ecosystem to lead our crypto research and analysis. The goal for this role is to help Bitwise be an expert on cryptoassets and a provider of valued research and thinking. In this role, you will get to read, think, write, and speak about both the granular details of cryptoassets and adjacent technologies, as well as the bigger picture of trends and what it means for the market. You'll need to be able to explain complex topics in simple terms, to set aside jargon in favor of clarity, and to explain the inner workings of the crypto markets to beginners and experts alike. Your work will be valuable both internally and externally. You'll be part of of the early team and the role will evolve over time as the organization grows.


    • Lead creation of reports on cryptoassets to be used internally and shared with investors in our funds
    • Lead research & analysis on technical developments in the space such as Lightning, Casper, ASIC resistance, etc
    • Lead creation of thought / trend pieces, memos, and newsletters for investors or press
    • Lead development of valuation models, investment thesis, bull and bear cases, for cryptoassets or investment products 
    • Lead relationship building with other analysts and experts
    • Contribute to materials needed for business development
    • Contribute thinking to index methodology
    • Contribute thinking to future product development
    • Participate in the community and build relationships outside of the organization
    • Pitch in on interacting with fund investors, other inbound interest from potential investors
    • Pitch in on operational tasks, little things


    • 2+ years of work experience preferred
    • Strong analytical, writing, communication, & interpersonal skills
    • Strong knowledge of cryptoassets and the ecosystem
    • Proficiency in excel and powerpoint / keynote 
    • Thrives in an environment of continuous change and complexity
    • Passion for creating understanding
    • Style/voice/tone compatible with Bitwise's
If this sounds exciting to you, we'd love to hear from you!


Bitwise is a cryptocurrency specialist asset manager, powered by software. In fall 2017, we launched the first cryptocurrency index fund (Forbes, Bloomberg), the Bitwise HOLD 10.

We believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to advance humanity, reshape systems, and bring down barriers on a scale that few things do. Our view is that, like commodities, currencies, and real estate, some will want to buy cryptoassets to use them, while others will want to buy them as an investment. Both are important. Today, the obstacles to participating as an investor are incredibly high. It’s time consuming, difficult, and risky to figure everything out, manage it yourself, and constantly monitor developments. For most investors, it’s just not feasible or even prudent.

Our goal with Bitwise is to abstract away complexity and make cryptocurrency more accessible to individuals and institutions. We strive to be a partner investors turn to to understand and invest in the space.

Most of us have backgrounds in software — Google, Facebook, Wealthfront, military software security, open source projects — which we think is essential to what we’re doing. We love thinking about the evolving details of cryptocurrency and getting to serve investors in doing so.

Bitwise is backed by well known institutional investors and individuals (CNBC, WSJ, Barron's) with expertise in crypto, asset management, and fintech, having backed and helped build: PayPal, Square, Stripe, Wealthfront, Coinbase, BitGo, MetaStable, OpenDoor, Chain, Affirm, Gusto, Palantir, Airbnb, Uber, Twitter, and others.

We’re a small tight-knit team. We’re looking for kindred spirits to join the team and help us build a meaningful institution in crypto.