USAID/Nepal Seed and Fertilizer Final Performance Evaluation Team Leader (Senior)

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This consulting opportunity will be primarily remote, open to candidates located globally with the ability to travel as needed.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Learning for Development Activity is a 5-year award led by Bixal Solutions, Inc. that provides USAID/Nepal with technical and advisory services in planning, designing, conducting, and learning from the monitoring and evaluation of the Mission’s strategies, projects, and activities in an efficient manner. USAID Learning for Development supports USAID/Nepal by providing services including a) learning and knowledge management; b) evaluations, study and other studies; c) performance monitoring technical support; d) capacity building; and e) development outreach and communications support.
What will you do?
USAID/Learning for Development seeks to hire a Team Lead consultant to conduct a final performance evaluation of USAID’s Feed the Future (FTF) Nepal Seed and Fertilizer (NSAF) and provide actionable insights for the enhancement of future agricultural interventions. By leveraging lessons learned and best practices, the evaluation endeavors to strengthen the resilience and sustainability of agricultural development efforts in Nepal, ultimately contributing to the overarching goal of advancing food security and promoting economic prosperity within the region.
Finding for the evaluation will be used to strengthen current FTF activities, plan for future activities, and provide evidence of good practices to the broader agriculture food security stakeholder network in Nepal.
The Team Lead will conduct the evaluation as part of a team, including a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Expert, an Agricultural Market Systems Expert, and an Evaluation Specialist.

Roles and Responsibilities: 
The Team Leader will be the leader of a broader consultancy team whom they will work in close coordination with. They will have the overall responsibility of leading the study including study design and methodology, preparation of the inception report, and tool finalization. They will also lead and oversee the evaluation implementation, including data collection, analysis, and report writing. They will serve as the team manager and provide direction to ensure expertise of all consultants is fully included into the design, implementation, and deliverables of the project.  The Team Lead will provide high-level technical support, including supporting the development and customization of evaluation documentation that includes the questionnaire and technical manuals; managing translation activities; and coordinating logistical support, data collection and analysis. The Project team Leader will be responsible for ensuring all deliverables are met in a time manner and submitted with high-quality.

Objectives of the assignment

    • Assess the effectiveness of NSAF in increasing the availability and accessibility of quality seeds and fertilizers for local farmers in the Feed the Future (FTF) Zone of Influence (ZOI).
    • Evaluate the efforts made by NSAF to strengthen seed and fertilizer distribution mechanisms, including the development and use of hybrid maize and Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) technologies.
    •  Examine how NSAF adapted its approach based on findings from the mid-term evaluation conducted in 2019.
    •  Provide evidence-based findings to contribute to ongoing and future activities of USAID/Nepal and share good practices with stakeholders in Nepal.

Specific Responsibilities of the Team Leader

    • Provide oversight and leadership for three team consultants, ensuring all expertise is incorporated into the project design, implementation, and deliverables.
    • Oversee the duties of team consultants are being fully met.
    • Develop a project timeline and oversee direction and time management
    • Review USAID/Nepal Feed the Future activity documents and other relevant documents.
    • Draft an inception report detailing the evaluation design and work plan, including the evaluation tools, methodology and schedule for data collection. 
    • Prepare data collection tools – including translation - and schedule to ensure a smooth deployment of data collection.
    • Conduct FGDs and KIIs with relevant stakeholders, program participants, Local Government contact points and USAID staff, which requires travel to field locations. 
    • Conduct field data collection and observations.
    • Prepare a preliminary finding report and presentation.  
    • Draft a consolidated evaluation report and deliver a presentation of the overall evaluation to the mission. 
    • Coordinate with the USAID Learning for Development team to ensure high-quality products. 
    • Attending regular check-in meetings with the USAID Learning for Development team.  


    • Bi-weekly check-in meeting with the Learning for Development team.
    • Draft and final inception report including evaluation tools and workplan.
    • Draft initial findings report and presentation slide deck for the Mission.
    • Conduct a presentation and workshop with USAID and Learning for Development on initial findings.
    • Final Evaluation report and presentation slide deck

Knowledge and Qualifications

    • Master's or PhD in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness or related fields required.
    • 5+ years of experience in a related field required.
    • Prior experience of leading similar evaluations or assessments required.
    • Strong communication skills, management, and writing skills required.
    • Familiarity with Agriculture, production, seeds, fertilizer systems, and research or evaluations in these areas strongly preferred.

Timeline and Level of Effort (LoE)

    • The assignment will last from approximately June-October 2024, with an estimated total 40 days of LoE