Subject Matter Expert (SME): Adolescent Reproductive Health & Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

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The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Learning for Development Activity is a 5-year award led by Bixal Solutions, Inc. that provides USAID/Nepal with technical and advisory services in planning, designing, conducting, and learning from the monitoring and evaluation of the Mission’s strategies, projects, and activities in an efficient manner. USAID Learning for Development supports USAID/Nepal by providing services including a) learning and knowledge management; b) evaluations, study and other studies; c) performance monitoring technical support; d) capacity building; and e) development outreach and communications support.
USAID Learning for Development seeks to hire a Family Planning/Adolescent Reproductive Health and Gender Equality and Social Inclusion FP/ARH-GESI) subject matter expert consultant to assist in a Midterm performance evaluation of USAID’s Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) program in Nepal. The evaluation should provide actionable insights to strengthen the remainder of the current ARH program as well as provide insights on future adolescent reproductive health initiatives. Findings for the evaluation will be used to strengthen current ARH activities, make them more inclusive, plan for future activities, and provide evidence of good practices to the broader health stakeholder network in Nepal. By leveraging lessons learned and best practices, the evaluation endeavors to strengthen the current program and ultimately provide support to adolescents in Nepal so they can reach their full capacity by choosing and practicing healthy reproductive behaviors. 

Roles and Responsibilities
The FP/ARH SME will be part of a broader consultancy team, with whom they will work in close coordination, and report to the Evaluation Team Lead.  The FP/ARH-GESI SME will assist in conducting the evaluation as part of a team, under the direction of the Team Lead, in coordination with  local staff that will assist in the evaluation and logistics support. The SME will ensure that the evaluation design and deliverables include informed expertise on RP/ARH from a Nepali perspective. Their role will be to ensure the project team and overall deliverables have the proper expertise in agricultural market systems. They will contribute to a detailed inception report for the evaluation, assist in designing the methods and tools for data collection, and support team members in the analysis and final report, as well as other tasks as needed.

Objectives of the Assignment

    • Assess the progress that has been made in the ARH program
    • Determine the continued relevance of the program’s interventions towards achieving the project’s objectives
    • Document lessons learned and suggest any important or necessary modifications or course corrections to ensure achievement of the shared objectives within the lifetime of the project
    • Provide evidence-based findings to contribute to ongoing and future activities of USAID/Nepal and share good practices with stakeholders in Nepal
    • Provide perspectives on how the Mission is making progress towards the following Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) 2020–2025 learning agenda questions with specificity to adolescent reproductive health

Specific Responsibilities of the FP/ARH SME

    • Develop a project timeline and oversee direction and time management.
    • Review USAID/ARH activity documents and other relevant documents focusing on FP/ARH.
    • Provide expert review of all materials from a ARH and GESI perspective
    • Assist in drafting an inception report detailing the evaluation design and work plan, including the evaluation tools, methodology and schedule for data collection. 
    • Assist in preparing data collection tools – including translation - and schedule to ensure a smooth deployment of data collection.
    • Assist in conducting FGDs and KIIs with relevant stakeholders, program participants, Local Government contact points and USAID staff, which requires travel to field locations. 
    • Conduct field data collection and observations.
    • Assist in preparing a preliminary finding report and presentation.  
    • Assist in drafting a consolidated evaluation report and deliver a presentation of the overall evaluation to the mission. 
    • Coordinate with the USAID Learning for Development team to ensure high-quality products. 
    • Attending regular check-in meetings with the USAID Learning for Development team.
    • Others as needed.  


    • Weekly or bi-weekly check-in meeting with the USAID Learning for Development team
    • Draft and final inception report including evaluation tools and workplan.
    • Draft initial findings report and presentation slide deck for the Mission.
    • Conduct a presentation and workshop with USAID and Learning for Development on initial findings
    • Final Evaluation report and presentation slide deck

Knowledge and Qualifications

    • Have at least 5 years of experience in FP/ARH, preferable in a development setting
    • Strong technical expertise in gender analysis and/or social inclusion
    • Be familiar with the international body of evidence related to, but not limited to addressing child marriage and reducing adolescent childbearing, Positive Youth Development, and social norm change
    • Have a strong understanding of the FP/ARH policy context and programs in Nepal
    • Have adolescent FP/RH program or policy implementation experience in Nepal
    • Have experience working with development programs and work with international development partners
    • Experience participating in evaluations, research, or other assessments required
    • Demonstrated skills in facilitating or assisting with participatory processes and other qualitative methods to interpret and develop recommendations from research
    • Strong communication skills, management, and writing skills required
    • Degree in a relevant field, such as public health, anthropology, or sociology, required, preferably a graduate degree
    • Fluency in Nepali and English required
Timeline, Location, and Level of Effort (LoE)
The assignment will last from approximately July/August through February 2025. The estimated LOE of is based on part-time availability, approximately 45 days. However, if the candidate is also a Gender and Social Inclusion expert, the estimated LOE could possibly increase. This position is based in Kathmandu and may require travel to ARH working districts of Nepal. You must be legally authorized to work in Nepal; Bixal does not provide sponsorship.