Blackpanda Consultant

Manila, Philippines
Blackpanda is an elite, special risks insurance and consulting company headquartered in Hong Kong, focused on serving the Asian market. We enable economic growth and investment into high-risk, frontier markets by providing both financial and physical risk management solutions to clients across a variety of industries.

Blackpanda consultants may find themselves one day in a suit and cuff links briefing the CEO and executive staff of a Fortune 500 company, and the next day in their roughest outdoor gear, heading up the jungle mountain paths to a copper mining client site. Blackpanda consultants have the flexibility to both be presentable and polished in the boardroom, while able to make the immediate switch back to the battlefield at any time.

We are looking for an international-experienced and highly qualified security consultant to conduct security assessments and surveys in high-risk environments on behalf of special risk insurance pricing and coverage.

Blackpanda only culls and takes the best former special forces operators who also come from the best universities and post-graduate programs in the world.

Only candidates with international combat experience will be considered.

Job responsibilities:

Travel to client sites in urban and rural settings to conduct holistic security assessments and surveys based on counterinsurgency principles

Write detailed written reports as well as mathematical, data-based driven analysis based on proprietary risk assessment methodology and pricing logic for special risk insurance products

Advise and guide C-level executives and heads of security in large conglomerates on strategic security planning, implementation, and supervision with respect to cutting-edge security technology, counterterrorism, and counterinsurgency

Manage and supervise consulting teams up to ten Blackpanda consultants, and potentially hundreds or thousands of private security agency guards and staff

Manage all project administration, to include project P&Ls, project expense tracking, contract review and billing


Must have at least one combat tour in the Philippines, ideal at least three combat tours in addition overseas

Must be fluent Tagalog and English speaker and writer; additional plus for fluency in other Filpino dialects

Preferred background in military or police special operations senior leadership roles

Bachelor's degree minimum required, quantitative study preferred; master's degrees and other graduate study highly preferred

Must be adaptable and enjoy working in a fast-paced start-up environment

Must be interested and committed to living in the Philippines for at least five years