Blackpanda Analyst

Manila, Philippines

Job Scope
A Blackpanda Analyst will support a Blackpanda business line in furthering its business aims and achieving its targets and will work across numerous verticals within the Company.

The Blackpanda Analyst is a true scholar, yet the wandering adventurer; capable of gathering key due diligence and microanalysis data from a lead Blackpanda Consultant at a client-site possibly side-by-side, and then returning to the comfort of the office to extrapolating macro analysis to be published as thought-leadership, risk reports, or directly translated into influencing the price of a JASR insurance product itself.

Significant skill emphasis is placed on exceptional business writing skills, geopolitical and strategic analysis, commercial intuition – and a sense of adventure to accompany elite Blackpanda Consultants into the field, all over the Southeast Asian region, in any terrain and any weather.

At other times, the Blackpanda Analyst can be a jack-of-all-trades, encountering a wide variety of different challenges every week, with a view to finding an area of the Company in which they desire to pursue mastery and growth.

A Blackpanda Analyst will learn “The Blackpanda Way” – systems, processes, and SOPs culled and developed from the founding members’ core experiences in U.S. Special Forces, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley. If you are up for the challenge and believe your personality can handle the workload, the pace, and the excitement of an international, dynamic and young organization, kindly proceed for details below.

Tasks assigned to other Analysts have included:

Blackpanda Risk Consulting – working with Blackpanda Consultants to:
a.     Write micro and macro analysis around physical, intelligence, community relations, cybersecurity, and insurance risks for large-scale infrastructure clients operating in high-risk, emerging markets;
b.     Research macro analysis trends of geopolitical risk narrowed down to specific Southeast Asian countries for insurance underwriters to assess and price risk in the region;
c.      Work and travel with Blackpanda Consultants leading the engagement with the client, possibly on-site as required;
d.     Collaborate with a fellow cohort team of talented, ambitious, and dynamic Blackpanda Analysts on a variety of larger assessments, analytical work, and sales and marketing initiatives.
JASR Sales Operations – working with the JASR global executive team to:
a.     Create marketing collateral;
b.     Build and finalize sales proposals;
c.      Develop new processes for sales operations, proposal generation, customer engagement, account management, claims management, and customer service;
d.     Support and execute operational processes led by Blackpanda consultants servicing infrastructure clients;
e.     Engage in customer interaction and account management.
Crisis Response Operations Support – working with the Operations Support team to build out capabilities for the Company’s crisis response operations capabilities:
a.     Develop and improve existing risk assessment methodology, analysis, and actuarial science;
b.     Support and develop macro, country and local risk analysis techniques and processes;
c.      Support any necessary tasks required by the Crisis Operations Team.
Special Project(s) – working with other senior members of the Company to identify Special Projects or Initiatives that will be of value to the Company and are of interest to the Analyst. These will be presented to his direct supervisors and upon approval, will be identified as a Job Objective.
The Analyst may also have the following opportunities:
·      Participate in and learn about the business including consultant and client meetings and events
·      Develop and/or participate in and learn about additional communications initiatives such as social media 


Qualifications & Specialist Skills

    • Outstanding English-language active-voice writer capable of clear, concise and engaging work
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite applications
    • Proficiency in VBasic, pivot tables, statistical analysis or data visualisation is desirable
    • Familiarity with business SaaS apps, such as Slack, Asana, PipeDrive, Insly
    • Strong attention to detail 
    • Experience in conducting desktop research 
    • Very task-oriented and results-driven
    • Self-starter 
    • Excellent critical thinking/problem solving skills 
    • Proficiency in an additional Asian language is desirable
About Blackpanda
Blackpanda is an elite, special risk insurance and consulting group headquartered in Hong Kong, focused on serving the Asian market. We enable economic investment into high-risk, emerging markets by providing risk management solutions to our clients across a variety of industries.
The Blackpanda Group also includes Jing An Special Risks (“JASR”), an insurance provider which specializes in special risk and bespoke insurance packages for emerging markets; we provide insurance coverage for incidents such as War and Terror, Cybersecurity, Kidnap and Ransom, Marine Piracy, and Crisis Evacuation.