Studio Software Engineer

Mountain View, CA

As a core engineer on the studio team, you will help lay and maintain the foundational bedrock upon which we build all of our games and tools. Whether you’re designing our realtime multiplayer architecture, writing optimized Canvas and WebGL renderers, or building the secure back-end modules for our meta-game engine, your objective will be to write the best and most reliable code possible. There’s no shortage of challenging problems to solve, as our shared tech will scale across games to hundreds of millions of players.

Example responsibilities

    • Create a scalable realtime multiplayer back-end and help adapt our games to use it
    • Design and implement the server- and client-side security architecture to help protect our HTML5 games and web portals
    • Build generalized game loop modules to flexibly and efficiently support our portfolio of more than 50 titles
    • Optimize our WebGL renderer and other shared games technologies
    • Modernize the Game Closure devkit with ES6, React.js, three.js, and more
    • Collaborate with game engineers to write the most useful API’s, used across game genres and platforms

Ideal candidates have

    • At least five years of professional experience in a software engineering role
    • BS degree in Computer Science, similar technical field, or equivalent experience
    • Mastery in JavaScript or Python (C/C++, Objective-C, Java are a bonus)
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • A positive and constructive attitude