Datacenter Project Manager

Paris /
Infrastructure /
Full Time
Within the infrastructure team, your missions will be : 

- Participation in the project launch meeting
- Monitoring of technical achievements in datacenters
- Validation of quotes with the Delivery teamFinal delivery of the projectDrafting of scope of work
- Support of technical teams on site
- Technical work with the infrastructure department
- Design of the physical architecture of datacenters
- Server installation & maintenance (rack, HDD, memory, CPU, RAID batteries, NICs, etc.)
- Network installation & maintenance (rack, cabling, parts replacement, etc.)
- Lift equipment weighing +20 kg.Write, and maintain, detailed site reference documentation


Hard skills:
- Familiar with network cabling (types, distance limitations, testing, connectors, handling)
- Familiar with electrical, optical transceivers (SFP+, QSFP+, DAC), server hardware and componentsFamiliar with software environment
- Familiar with electrical standards, connector types, power budget calculations, AC vs. DC, single phase vs. three phase, etc.
- Familiar with datacenter design in relation to heat dissipation and air flow
- Previous experience working in a Data Center environment (racking & stacking gear, cable management, hot & cold aisle containment).
- - Experience in management of technical project

Soft skills :
- Meticulous and obsessive about organized cabling
- Detail oriented and rigorous
- Good communication