Infrastructure Focused Security Engineer

New York
The Security Engineer collaborates with a team to secure a system that bring affordable prescription drugs to all Americans.

About Blink

Blink Health is fixing how broken, opaque, and unfair healthcare is.  We provide Americans unprecedented access to the lowest available prices for generic and off formulary prescription drugs (90% of all Rx transactions) regardless of their insurance status, revolutionizing the way people buy medicine and saving them up to 95% at virtually any pharmacy nationwide.

We are a relentlessly learning, constantly curious team.. A willingness to be wrong is the key to inventing something new. We believe that healthcare is a system where everyone can win but this is a hard problem that requires hard work, focus, data and productive paranoia. We need the best people to solve the hardest problems.

The Role

Blink is looking for a security engineer to help secure its systems end-to-end. As security hire #2, you’ll have a lot of different kinds of work to do, and a lot of opportunity to chart your own path in the organization. Primarily, we are looking for someone to focus more on the infrastructure side of things. If you have interest in other areas of security, that’s great too!

We believe in using a small number of well known tools like AWS, Python, Javascript, MySQL, and Linux.  We are looking for engineers that value simplicity, pragmatism, have a bias towards action, and are passionate about building products that bring real value to our customers.

There’s a large degree of flexibility in the role definition, so if you’re interested in varied, interested, and practical work with a great team, let’s figure something out!

Why you want to work for Blink Health: Interesting, varied work. Building a real thing that actually helps people. Livable work environment (friendly, reasonable people, no permanent crunch time). Standard “well-funded startup” perks (unlimited vacation time, free lunches, good stock plan, etc.). Standard “real company” benefits (health/vision/dental, 401(k), etc.).

What you should have to apply: Some experience related to network/host/IT security/Some coding/automation skills. Desire for varied work. Desire to work in NYC SoHo.