Senior DevOps Engineer

New York

Blink is looking to hire an experienced Senior DevOps Engineer.  You will build systems that our engineering organization loves and that help them iterate at maximum speed while maintaining maximum uptime. You will be building systems and automations to manage development, testing, staging, and production environments.  As an “engineer for engineers” you will tackle some of the most complex technical challenges we have and help others understand the architectures and platforms that they build products on.  You should enjoy decomposing complex systems and finding failure scenarios and be able to design large-scale distributed systems considering application security, monitoring, and distributed storage.

Types of projects you will be working on

    • Automate everything - write automation and configuration management code to build scalable, reliable and secure systems.
    • Improve our deployment systems.  Help us go from twice a day production deployments to many times a day deployments. Build a system that combines efficient test automation, deployment, and monitoring in a single, automated interface.
    • Use Mesos+Aurora (or whatever the best tool for the job is) to build a microservice deployment platform that makes “doing the right thing” easy and natural.
    • Develop intelligent alerting and anomaly detection system on top of our event and log streams.

The experience we’re looking for

    • Programming skills: above all you should be a passionate, experienced programmer. You will need to understand code across our codebase and build systems to support our infrastructure automation and releases.
    • Operating Systems: experience in the Linux environment and a strong understanding of its internals.  You can argue Docker vs LXC and can give me a top 10 lists of “fun” uses for cgroups. You should have a favorite distro and be able to create a package for it in 10 minutes.  
    • Data stores: experience with a big relational database (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and cache layers (memcached, Redis).  You should be able to write some basic SQL statements. Be familiar with “next generation” “NoSQL” “databases” (CockroachDB vs RethinkDB, anyone?)
    • Cloud: we’re hosted in AWS, so you should have good breadth and depth working with many different AWS services
    • Configuration management: Ansible, Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, etc.
    • Monitoring tools: Nagios, Graphite, DataDog, etc.
    • Scaling: you’ve supported/built high-traffic web applications.