Senior Engineer: Data Infrastructure

New York

We are looking for a talented senior engineer to join our team at Blink Health. Blink Health is a Manhattan-based venture-backed healthcare technology company. Blink’s mission is to use technology to make healthcare affordable for everyone. The company’s first product allows all Americans access to the lowest prices on their prescription medications.

You will build systems that aggregate data from many sources and make it accessible for analysis and reporting as well as operationalize machine learning algorithms and develop real-time data analysis capabilities.

You will be responsible for

    • Building a data pipeline that aggregates data in realtime from backend, web, and mobile devices into a single data store
    • Making data accessible to reporting and analytics teams (Redshift, etc)
    • Implementing sessionization algorithms to support analysis
    • Owning your own infrastructure -- work closely with infrastructure team to optimize cost and reliability.
    • Making everything real time
    • Integrating with third party analytics and attribution providers
    • Working with application development teams to ensure everything is measured
    • Operationalizing machine learning algorithms

You are

    • An expert at building analytics pipelines from the ground up using open source technology
    • Experienced working with (at a minimum) TB scale systems that analyze billions of events
    • An experienced professional with at least 3-5+ working on large data-centric systems


    • Expert in Python
    • Experience with broad array data storage technologies (Hadoop/MapReduce, Redshift, Spark)
    • Basic knowledge of machine learning concepts
    • Strong understanding of current landscape of open source and AWS analytics and data pipeline technology
    • Good analytical skills. Able to dive into a new data source and perform basic analysis using iPython, MatLab, or R