DevOps/SRE Lead

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Full Time
👋 It’s great to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to read about our latest job opening. Read on to learn a bit about Blocknative, get some insights into the role we are hiring for, and learn about our process. 

To learn more about Blocknative, please visit our About or Career pages.

At Blocknative, you’ll be designing tools used by some of the top blockchain projects. As the first full-time DevOps hire, we’re excited to have you join our team to help build foundational blockchain infrastructure. 

You’ll join our highly skilled team and help us launch reliable products and services. We’re looking for your skills to help us improve our in-house systems. You’ll work closely with our CTO as we apply the latest and greatest technologies to our stack. 


    • Manage multi-region cloud infrastructure for overall service reliability, scalability, and cost
    • Build the foundation for an operations team and its practices that will grow with the company
    • Develop, manage, and enhance deployment infrastructure to ensure systems are scalable, resilient, and reliable
    • Build and improve tools and automation to efficiently utilize infrastructure
    • Respond to incidents and support the engineering team with its product incident response strategy
    • Lead postmortems and root cause analysis to help us continuously improve  

Preferred* Experience:

    • Ethereum experienced — proficient with the core concepts in the space
    • AWS cloud services and tooling
    • Infrastructure as code frameworks, such as Terraform and Ansible
    • Containerization techniques and strategies, including Docker and Kubernetes 
    • Infrastructure monitoring, such as collecting, processing and analysis of metrics from tools such as Cloudwatch, Prometheus, Datadog
    • Streaming pipeline architectures
    • You have a strong ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and build solid working relationships across the team — from individual contributors to the CEO
    • * We prioritize people above all else. If you think you’d add to the depth and diversity of our team but don’t fit these qualifications exactly, we want you to apply! 

Fun Facts:

Hiring Process:

    • Given our early stage, we strive to have you meet as much of the team as possible before extending an offer. Here’s what you can expect:
    • Application
    • Schedule a call with the CTO
    • Schedule a call with the CEO
    • Schedule a group interview with the Engineering team
    • Schedule a group interview with the Product team
    • Schedule a group interview with the Go To Market team
    • Reference calls
    • 📝 Offer 
We hope you apply!

We are also open to exploring contract opportunities as we get to know each other.