Security Engineer

New York, NY or Remote
Blockstack is looking for a Security Engineer to secure the Blockstack ecosystem including software and operations. As a security engineer you will predict and preemptively address potential vulnerabilities. Experience across a number of production environments including both start-ups and larger enterprise companies are critical. This person has a breadth of expertise including encryption, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, cryptography, and security best practices.  

Our engineering team builds software using JavaScript/ES6, React, Redux, and Swift on the frontend and Python, bash, and Bitcoin Core on the backend.

You will:
- Apply an applied cryptography lens to Blockstack protocol and Blockchain
- Implement security upgrades to the Blockstack browser, core, and API 
- Deliver and implement software and operational security solutions for use across our team 
- Preemptively address any potential vulnerabilities for malicious hackers 
- Take responsibility for Hackerone Bug Bounties

You are obsessed with security engineering and planning, interested in securing a platform and token protocol, and are capable of establishing a holistic understanding of the various engineering pieces required to deliver a secure product. 10+ years professional experience 

- Increased uptime of the Blockstack software 
- Delivery of long term, securely tested software, including roadmap and implementation 
- Ensuring safety of Blockstack team practices 

- Expert knowledge of applied cryptography and cryptographic protocols, including familiarity with state-of-the-art academic literature on the subject and practical knowledge on engineering successful systems.
- Experience in the low-level implementation and protocol details of a widely-deployed public blockchain
- Strong background in security-oriented system design, with a focus on applied cryptography
- Must be able to identify and defend against plausible protocol-level and network-level attacks on the system.
- Strong programming skills and familiarity with programming languages and technologies in use at Blockstack(Python 2, Linux, Bitcoin on our backend, and Javascript on our frontend).

Qualities + Traits:
- Passion for building the new internet for decentralized apps  
- Strong problem solving skills, ability to think fast and thoroughly 
- Excellent communication