Head of Engineering

New York, NY
Blockstack is looking for an Engineering Lead to manage the Blockstack tech teams across a number of products. In this role you will work with a high level team to drive direction for technical upgrades and improvements to the Blockstack browser and developer API. This position is ideal for those experienced in driving deliverables across a number of teams and implement engineering best practices with consideration to security, testing, and project management for efficiency. 

Our engineering team builds software using JavaScript/ES6, React, Redux, and Swift on the frontend, and Python 2, bash, and Bitcoin Core on the backend.

You will:
- Effectively manage a team of engineer to drive progress, innovation, and production in Blockstack engineering  
- Work with relevant parties to ensure Blockstack is secure, highly available, and accessible to developers 
- Contribute to product discussions and provide context regarding growth goals, enable new features in the Blockstack ecosystem 
- Manage a team of diverse engineers working on several high level launches at a time 

You have lead an experienced team before, have excellent organization and communication skills, and are familiar with peer-to-peer distributed systems, and secure engineering principles. 

- Increased uptime of the Blockstack software 
- Delivery of long term, securely tested software, including roadmap and implementation 
- Track performance deliverables for the Blockstack engineering team 

- Background in distributed systems engineering or software development 
- Ability to plan, architect and implement engineering initiatives across platforms and OS,(needs strong background in Linux and familiarity with Mobile engineering) 
- Experience securing production environments of multiple sizes 
- Proven ability to engage a team in long term production initiatives and drive growth in engineering, with least amount 
- Nice to have: Experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency environments 

Qualities + Traits
- Passion for building the new internet for decentralized apps  
- Excellent communication and organizational skills 
- Adept at leading a team with a positive and productive attitude  
- Flexibility to implement solutions in small start-up environments 
- Nice-to-Have: open source experience