Social Media Manager

Santa Monica, CA
BloomNation is looking for a dynamic social media manager to help our local florists with increased consumer awareness, engagement, acquisition & growth. 
This includes helping to manage Premier BloomNation Florist's Social Media properties and advising on best practices on Instagram, Facebook, Yelp & other social media channels. 
The candidate will be an expert on building dynamic, high quality and engaging content for small business.  BloomNation is disrupting a $35 billion fragmented industry that has been controlled by antiquated brokers.  The social media manager will have the opportunity to directly affect the bottom line of small business across the country. Rewarding!

·         Awareness: Create dynamic content and develop social-strategies to help florists attract high-value flower buyers.
·         Engagement: Grow and manage local florists Facebook and Instagram pages to increase customer engagement and awareness. 
·         Acquisition: Analyze data and make strategic decisions aimed at driving incremental revenue through social media. 
·         Growth: Hold monthly overview calls with Premier BloomNation Florists to review findings and create actionable next steps. 

Desired Qualifications
·         2+ years in social media management
·         Professional photo editing skills
·         Experience working with social media management tools.
·         Able to take the reins and run projects on your own.   You must be a self-starter and able to work independently across multiple concurrent initiatives in a fast-paced environment.
·         Excellent problem-solving skills, business judgment, strategic and analytical capabilities.
·         Experience building and managing relationships.

About BloomNation:
BloomNation is the Etsy for local florists.
Imagine if McDonald's was your only option for ordering food online.  Ridiculous as the scenario may sound, it's exactly how the online floral industry operates today.  The overwhelming bulk of online floral transactions go through a small handful of major "wire services" (FTD, 1800Flowers, Teleflora, etc.) that rolled up the floral industry in the early days of the internet by offering a generic set of bouquets, regardless of which florist fulfills the order.  The problems are numerous: designs are lowest common denominator, florists receive only a small portion of what you pay & so must fulfill your order using their cheapest or dying flowers, the wire service middleman reduces accountability, and what you order is often not what you receive.
Enter BloomNation.  We're able to provide consumers more unique bouquets, better value for your money, and higher quality flowers by bringing local artisan florists online.  The opportunity we're pursuing is very rare: a huge badly broken market and a solution for which the industry is clamoring. Our marketplace makes the experience better for both consumers and local florists.  Finances aside, we make the world more unique & interesting while helping local businesses thrive.
 Team and Culture
Our team is backed by the best investors in the industry including Ronny Conway, Andreessen Horowitz (AirBnB, Box, Facebook, Lyft, Twitter, etc.), Spark Capital (Tumblr, Upworthy, Warby Parker, etc.), and Crunch Fund (Square, Uber, etc.).  We are still early enough that options matter... a lot... We are recruiting Silicon Beach's top talent as we rapidly scale up our still small (~35 people) team.  Join us if you are an entrepreneur at heart & if you want to own and be a leader in your area of expertise.  If you're passionate, energetic, and easy to work with you will thrive here.