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Why work at Blue Coding? 

At Blue Coding we specialize in hiring excellent developers and amazing people from all over Latin America and other parts of the world. For the past 9 years, we’ve helped cutting-edge companies in the United States and Canada -both large and small, build great development teams and develop great products. Online shops, digital agencies, SaaS providers, and software consulting firms are a few of our clients. Our team of over 100 engineers is distributed in more than 10 countries across the Americas. We are a fully remote company working with a wide array of technologies and have expertise in every stage of the software development process.  

Our team is highly connected, united, and culturally diverse, and our collaborators are involved in many initiatives around the world, from wildlife preservation to volunteering at local charities. We also participate in group activities like movie nights, trivia, and meme competitions. We stand for honesty, fairness, respect, efficiency, hard work, and cooperation.

What are we looking for?

In this opportunity, we are looking for a Senior Full-Stack TypeScript Developer to work with one of our foreign clients, who works in Ad Tech with an in-house advertising and marketing agency pushing the limits of advertising performance. The company uses its unique combination of marketing strategies and proprietary technologies to target users using mobile and internet-connected device-matching technology. You'll work on managing and developing the client's APIs and front-end applications using Keystone, Prisma, React, and NextJS. The ideal candidate has experience with multiple data providers and understands the complexities of working within a cloud-based, micro-services architecture.

Here are some of the exciting day-to-day challenges you will face in this role:

    • Develop and manage data schemas, authentication, and runtime processing of requests to our GraphQL APIs using Keystone.
    • Handle multiple Keystone and Prisma instances within the same project.
    • Build and maintain user interfaces with React.
    • Implement and manage micro-services using NextJS.
    • Work with various data providers including Azure SQL, Azure Serverless Synapse, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Flexible PostgreSQL.
    • Write scalable and maintainable code in TypeScript.
    • Guide less experienced developers and help them improve their skills.

You will shine if you have:

    • Proficiency in TypeScript.
    • Experience with Prisma and GraphQL
    • Strong knowledge of React and NextJS.
    • Familiarity with Azure data services (SQL, Serverless Synapse, Blob Storage, Flexible PostgreSQL).
    • Understanding of micro-services architecture and cloud-based services.
    • Ability to manage multiple Keystone and Prisma instances within a single project.
    • Awareness of clustering and horizontal scaling impacts development, particularly within an AKS cluster.

It doesn't hurt if you also have:

    • Experience with Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).
    • Familiarity with third-party data providers.
    • Experience with Keystone
    • Ability to work independently and in a team
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Fluency in English
Hey, you are still here! 

So, let us ask a few questions. Do you like working in a friendly environment? Are you fluent in English? Do you have a strong work ethic, are detail-oriented and have an ownership mentality? And most importantly do you love music and puppies? If so, then what are you waiting for? Come join our team and become part of this awesome company! We will be expecting you.