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Blue Engine is always accepting resumes. If you are interested in exploring job opportunities on our staff but do not see a position that interests you at this time, we invite you to submit your resume and cover letter here. We will reach out if you are a good fit for a future role.

Our Story
Blue Engine amplifies existing teaching talent. We work with partners to optimize the power of team teaching so that teachers can create individualized learning experiences that meet the needs of every student. In Blue Engine classrooms, teachers and students alike succeed and thrive.

Who We Are
Blue Engine is an organization that believes:
In the infinite potential of all humans
In an education system that works to liberate that potential
Teams enable outcomes that individuals alone cannot achieve
Good intentions cannot be confused with measurable results
Strong human connections are our lifeblood

Foundational Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity - Our Bedrock Value:
The prevalence of historic and current systems of oppression in our society fundamentally impact the lives of students we serve. These systems foster entrenched privilege for some while ensuring the systemic oppression and denial of equal opportunity for others. Only by assembling diverse, inclusive, and actively anti-racist teams will Blue Engine build alliances that disrupt and dismantle these systems at their root. Neutrality in this fight is a myth; there are only two paths forward. Either we actively work to dismantle these systems on behalf of young people or we remain complicit in maintaining the status quo. Our path is the first. This requires us to seek and embrace discomfort, learn from perspectives different from our own, and interrogate our own assumptions and beliefs through dialogue that builds towards a hopeful, empowered future for every student in every classroom in America.

We are looking for a team member who is invested in these core values, and embodies them in their work and leadership.

Please submit your cover letter in the Additional Information section on the following page.