Character FX Artist

Culver City, CA /
Technical Animation /
Blur Studio is seeking a highly skilled cloth and hair simulation artist to work to work via remote with our Character FX team. Qualified candidates will have strong experience in setting up and simulating cloth and/or hair. This person should be self-sufficient, with a solid understanding of the Character FX workflow and tools and be able to add value to the development and the execution of tasks by suggesting methodologies and/or developing tools. This artist will be responsible for delivering high-quality work, respecting production schedules and aiding in communication within the department and the production team overall. Blur Character FX artists are also asked to share knowledge and assist with the training and mentoring of junior artists.

- Work under the direction of supervisors and leads.
- Use Blur's production tools to build simulation setups, run simulation tasks and fix deformations.
- Communicate work progress, problems or suggestions to supervisors and leads.
- Ensure assigned work quality meets production expectations from both technical and artistic points-of-view.
- Be organized and respect department methodologies.
- Help to improve methodologies where appropriate.
- Train and mentor less experienced artists.

- 2+ years of experience in Cloth/Hair on films or commercials preferred
- Strong knowledge of Maya for Cloth/Hair
- Good sense of deformation and simulation behavior
- Excellent communication and organization skills
- Bonus: 3dsMax, Marvelous Designer, Python   

To Apply:
Please send your resume, reel and reel breakdown.