Supervising Director

Director /
Blur Studio, the team behind Netflix's LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS, is looking for an experienced supervising director for an upcoming CG animated anthology series. The show will consist of multiple short animated films, with work to begin in January-February 2021.

Your role:
- Oversee all creative work on the show, directing, mentoring, and working with episodic directors and external production teams at multiple companies around the world, as well as with Blur Studio's internal production team
- Develop and refine episode storylines with the writing team, producers, and IP rights-holders
- Guide art development, casting, voice recording, animation, and editing processes
- Deliver short, standalone episodes in a variety of genres, styles, tones, and fictional universes, all for an adult audience

You should be:
- An experienced (10+ years' industry experience) TV, feature, or video game director or creative director with a strong background in CG animation or visual effects. Feature film directors should have at least one directing credit on a released film; TV directors should have experience as a supervising or lead director on a broadcast, cable, or streaming series; video game directors should have 3+ titles as creative director/lead.
- Able to articulate and execute on a compelling and distinct creative vision for each short episode
- Experienced in a range of genres, including sci-fi, action, fantasy, and horror
- Familiar with short films, and the benefits and challenges of storytelling in that medium
- Able to supervise workflows from multiple production teams in multiple locations simultaneously
- Able to commit full-time to a multi-year project

Also beneficial:
- Interest in video games
- Interest in adult animation

Please submit your credits, a brief statement, and resume.