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Boston Materials: Go Beyond Limits

Organizations turn to Boston Materials to unlock business opportunities that are limited by material-level challenges. Our first-of-a-kind advanced materials are conductive and durable like metal, yet light like plastic. The underlying technology is a material made by vertically aligning carbon fibers, resulting in highly efficient energy dissipation properties. Backed by our proven manufacturing processes and customer validation in performance-critical applications across industries, Boston Materials can help you go beyond limits.
Boston Materials is committed to identifying high-growth opportunities that can profoundly enhance societal well-being and prosperity yet are currently limited by material-level challenges. We have identified three key focus areas that demand immediate resolution through the application of cutting-edge advanced materials:
·        Beyond Moore’s Law: Materials that Unlock Semiconductors
·        Beyond Diesel: Materials that Unlock Hydrogen Fuel Cells
·        Beyond Mach 5: Materials that Unlock Hypersonic Aircraft
In these strategic domains, Boston Materials seeks to establish itself as an industry leader and invites individuals with a passion for innovation to join us on this journey. We actively seek talented individuals who share our vision and aspire to contribute.

Senior Materials Engineer

Everything that we want to do in life depends on materials. Consider the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Age of Plastics – our evolution as a society is defined by the materials that we use. Products, from airplanes, electric vehicles, to semiconductor devices, are all enabled and limited by the materials that are available to us. Boston Materials is driven by the vision that creating novel materials will empower industry leaders to make new and better products. 

We are hiring a well-seasoned Senior Materials Engineer to join our expanding team and play a major role in developing and building new game-changing composite materials!!

The Purpose of this Role

We hire people that are eager to make an impact!

As a Senior Materials Engineer at Boston Materials, you will design, test, and validate advanced composite components and the associated molding processes. You will have an opportunity to leverage your knowledge and experience of composites and plastics to create innovative, best-in-class products. This is a crucial role with a unique opportunity to bring state-of-the-art composite designs from concept to reality.

The Impact You Will Make in this Role:

    • Evaluate technical requirements for designing innovative composite structures and components
    • Lead material selection, characterization, laminate design and new material development for multiple customer programs
    • Conduct materials and process testing, validation, and manufacturing implementation
    • Provide ongoing engineering assistance to Operations during technology transition and scale-up, including troubleshooting process issues, conducting special testing campaigns, and developing detailed project reports

Your Skills and Expertise:

    • Minimum BS in material science, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or similar
    •  5+ yrs. experience working with composites, plastics or in advanced manufacturing environments
    •  Strong knowledge of polymers / fibers / reinforcements / coatings, cure cycles, bonding of metal and composites, and specifically in the areas of compression/injection molding processes.
    •  Strong knowledge of thermoplastic and thermoset materials
    •  Strong knowledge of basics of structural materials including typical microstructures, processing, and properties
    •  Strong knowledge of mechanical testing of materials (e.g., hardness, tensile, fatigue, fracture toughness, etc.), including data analysis, property calculations, test protocols, etc.
    •  General knowledge of standard laboratory characterization methods for materials
    •  General knowledge in Root Cause Analysis / Root Cause Corrective Action (e.g. Fishbone Diagrams, Pareto Analysis, 5-Why Analysis, etc.)
    •  Experience with lay-up and multi-layer composite structure design
    •  Demonstrated applied knowledge of polymer science, process characterization, process-structure-property relationships and common materials processing techniques is required
    •  Experience reviewing engineering drawings and providing guidance to product development engineers
    •  Experience with materials and processes development for structural parts and assemblies utilizing composite and metal materials
    •  Experience with manufacturing composite parts and assemblies including manufacturing processes, quality buyoff and manufacturing work orders/documentation
    •  Familiar with Lab View, SOLIDWORKS, and general productivity software
    •  Relentless attention to detail
Boston Materials is an EOE and at the forefront of materials innovation, the key to which is diverse teams with unique backgrounds and experiences. We are committed to employing a diverse workforce with equal employment opportunities regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, or disability.

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the US on a full-time basis.