Cloud Engineer

Wayne, NJ /
Banking – Engineer /
The Cloud Engineer is responsible for architecture and development of cloud-native platforms on Azure & AWS, virtual machines, containers, serverless, network, storage, security, platform services such as analytics, database, devops pipeline, etc.; architect Integration Platform as a Service, such as Mulesoft/Boomi; developing software defined strategies for infrastructure management, application deployment, and services; moving on-premise production and testing environments to the cloud and providing continuous technical support to both internal and external customers through the move process and afterwards; daily management and maintenance of cloud-based infrastructure.

What you will be doing:

    • Design state-of-the-art technical solutions on Azure & AWS that address customer's requirements for scalability, reliability, security, and performance.
    • Install, configure, automate, and monitor various cloud services, Infrastructure as a Service and Platform (IaaS, PaaS).
    • Configure application-aware infrastructure to automatically handle application requirements, security, and disaster-preparedness functions such as back-ups and data recovery.
    • Perform operational engineering for activities which include platform upgrades, server patching, monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting.
    • Work closely with a team of architects, engineers, and developers to create functional design specifications.
    • Create and manage all cloud provisioning scripts needed for single instance, environment-based (dev, prod, etc.) or regional-specific resources.
    • Closely coordinate with DevOps team on additional cloud automation above the infrastructure layer.
    • Lead and coordinate the work of an integrated project team comprised of developers, subject matter experts, database administrators, system administrators, and system architects to implement and maintain enterprise-level information technology applications.
    • Lead in all cloud technology deployment activities, workflow configuration and development, and third-party system integration

What experience we are looking for:

    • Experience with cloud management frameworks.
    • Approximately 4-7 years of technical architecture experience.
    • Experience with Azure Resource Templates.
    • Implement security architectures for cloud cloud/hybrid systems.
    • Extensive Python, CFT (JSON/YAML), Terraform skills for building out automation and infrastructure as code.
    • Experience in standing up CICD pipeline, orchestration with Jenkins/bamboo, code development in one of cm technologies with chef, puppet, ansible.
    • Experience with Windows Server management (2012 r2, 2016).
    • Experience deploying web and service-based applications in Windows/Linux environments.
    • Knowledge of network equipment/IOS: routing, switching, and firewalls.
    • Knowledge of network protocols such as: DNS, SMTP, SNMP, SSH, SFTP.
    • Cloud Computing Platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, Azure Core Platform, Google Cloud Platform: Compute, Storage and Networking.
    • Infrastructure as Code: VMware, CloudFormation, ARM templates, Deployment Manager, or Terraform.
    • Administration of virtualized platforms on various cloud providers (public and private).
    • Management of cloud networks and connectivity including MPLS/VPNs.
    • Knowledge of Operating Systems, Virtual Machine environments, Mainframe security packages, and Relational Database Management Systems, Systems Automation platforms and Technologies.
    • Data Platform: SQL, Azure DB, Cosmos DB, HD Insights.
    • Linux systems administration, configuration, troubleshooting and automation.
    • Web Technologies: IIS, Azure Web Apps, PHP, Apache, Tomcat, Cassandra, Kafka, Nginx, HAProxy, MySQL etc.
    • Identity and Authentication: SSO/Federation, AD/Azure AD etc.
    • Extensive knowledge of Middleware & System Engineering.
    • Scripting skills (Python/Ruby/Bash/Go/etc.).
    • Programming skills (PowerShell, Python, Node.js, C#, Java OpenSource)
    • Working knowledge of at least one configuration management tool, such as Ansible, Chef, and/or Puppet, Docker and other automation tools.
    • Experience with Active Directory including managing/maintaining several domains.
    • General understanding of Microservices, such as Docker, Kubernetes.
    • Deep understanding of firewalls, NAT and packet filtering.
    • Management Suite (OMS), certificates and SSL management.
    • Knowledge of backup and disaster recovery processes.
    • Strong knowledge of IT compliance, information security, and risk management.
    • Strong knowledge of multiple security concepts and methods such as vulnerability assessments, data classification, privacy assessments, incident response, security policy creation, enterprise security strategies, architectures and governance.
    • All aspects of DevOps (source control, continuous integration, deployments, etc.).
    • Excellent troubleshooting skills and effective verbal and written communication skills.