Software Manager

Alameda, CA
Engineering - Software /
Full-time /
As the Software Manager at Boxbot, you will lead a team dedicated to developing and delivering high-quality robotics application software for our advanced material handling facility.


    • Lead the architecture, design ,and implementation of server-level applications to coordinate subsystems within our automated material handling facility, driving innovation at the core of our systems
    • Oversee the development of high-speed data processing systems using C++ or similar compiled server-side languages, ensuring reliable control over our automation robotics
    • Direct the creation of a high-performance Warehouse Execution System, focusing on scalability, modularity, and robustness, and ensuring seamless integration with our unique hardware solutions
    • Spearhead security and performance optimizations, including secure coding practices, memory management, and performance tuning
    • Cultivate a culture of excellence in software development, mentoring team members and promoting best practices to elevate the quality of our software solutions.


    • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field
    • Over 10 years of professional experience in developing and deploying production-level robotics or automation systems
    • 3+ years of managing and building software teams
    • Proficiency in C++ within a Linux environment, with a strong understanding of interfacing with hardware
    • Experience with in-memory databases (especially Redis) is preferred
    • Expertise in designing distributed data processing systems (e.g., Pub/Sub, TCP/UDP, gRPC)
    • Knowledge of cloud computing infrastructure (e.g., Docker) is beneficial
    • A strong background in test-driven development, with a mindset geared towards thorough testing and validation
    • Bonus: Prior experience in a startup environment and an entrepreneurial mindset