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As an alumni of Brad's Deals you are eligible to participate in the referral bonus program.  The Employee and Alumni Referral Bonus Program is designed to encourage and reward employees who refer qualified candidates to Shop Smart.

Employees and Alumni who want to refer a candidate are to complete the Employee and Alumni Referral Bonus Form and forward the candidate’s resume (LinkedIn profiles are not accepted) to Human Resources.

If the referred candidate is hired, the employee or alumni who referred the successful candidate will be notified by HR and will receive the appropriate bonus.

Shop Smart will provide a $2500 bonus (pre-tax) to any employee or alumni who refers a candidate that is hired with the organization.  One half of the Referral Bonus will be paid on the pay period following the candidate’s start date and the remaining one half of the bonus will be paid on the pay period after the referred candidate has been employed with Shop Smart for 180 days.

All regular (full-time and part-time) employees or alumni are eligible to participate with the exception of the following:

    • Executives, Directors and Managers/supervisors (in title or acting) with hiring authority for the position;
    • Executives, Directors and Managers/supervisors who will directly supervise the candidate;
    • Any Human Resources employee

Eligibility is contingent on the following conditions:

    • Candidate must not be a current employee of Shop Smart
    • Candidate must not have applied for employment with Shop Smart within the last six (6) months.
    • Candidate must be hired within six (6) months of referral.
    • Candidate is hired for regular, full-time employment.
    • Candidate must not be, or not have been, a Shop Smart temporary agency worker, independent contractor, or consultant within the last six (6) months.
    • Candidate must not have been a regular employee (full or part-time) for the last 24 months.
    • The candidate must not be for an internship role.
    • Referral bonuses are only paid to those employees whose name(s) are on the referral form. If more than one employee refers a candidate, the bonus will be paid to the employee submitting the earliest referral based upon the date of receipt of the Referral Bonus Form in Human Resources.

Please note, submitting a referral here is NOT an application for the role.  Your referral should still apply through the open job posting.

You will be notified by Human Resources if your candidate is hired and when you can expect the referral bonus to be paid.  Employees will receive this through your regular paychecks.  Alumni will receive this payment through 1099 payments, but before payments can be processed, alumni will be required to submit a W-9.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact Human Resources.