ESL Teacher

Newark, NJ
BRICK Newark
BRICK Academy is a school management organization founded and led by six visionary teachers that were compelled by the stark reality facing many of their students. They created a school model which intentionally targets the lowest performing, highest need urban schools and addresses the needs of students academically, socially and emotionally while developing creative solutions to stabilize their families.
Our MISSION is to put all children on a positive life trajectory and consequently ending generational poverty by providing children with a quality education and addressing the external factors that impede their academic success.
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Here is a great opportunity to be part of an exciting entrepreneurial organization that focuses on turning around chronically failing schools. We are looking for an individual who will help build an organization from the ground up. If you are interested in being part of success at a greater scale and looking to invest in a theory of change that actually works – then this is your organization. 

Desired Skills and Characteristics of a BRICK ESL Teacher

    • Implement BRICK Academy’s curriculum and utilize classroom routines and procedures with consistency
    • Develop rigorous lesson plans, homework assignments and assessments
    • Work closely with school leaders to analyze student assessment data and use data to inform instruction
    • Collaborate in grade level teams to discuss student work, share best practices, and ensure student mastery of standards
    • Form and maintain relationships with students’ families, including phone calls and conferences
    • Participate in on-going professional development in the spirit of continuous improvement


    • Must be ESL Certified
    • Excellent spoken and written language skills, with English and foreign languages
    • Ability to adjust instructional strategies in order to reach year-end goals
    • The ability to motivate and challenge students and maintain a highly orderly classroom environment
    • Receptiveness to feedback and a desire to continuously improve
    • A strong sense of personal accountability for student achievement
    • A belief that all students should be held to high standards
    • Outstanding instructional skills, including the ability to motivate and challenge students and maintain an orderly classroom environment

Education and Experience

    • Bachelor’s degree required; Degree in Language, Linguistics, Education or English degree preferred, but not required. 
    • Job applicants must have appropriate NJ state teacher certification (New Jersey Standard Certificate, Certificate of Eligibility (CE) or Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS) or be eligible for reciprocity with an out-of-state certificate)
    • Must have Program Specialist: ESL Certificate
    • Demonstrated expertise in subject area
    • Classroom teaching experience in an urban school setting
    • Documented experience using data-driven instruction to achieve significant student gains

Salary, Goals and Employment Period

    • Hourly compensation - rate is competitive and based on experience
    • Part time