Teacher In Training (Teacher Resident)

Newark, NJ
BRICK Newark
Building Responsible Intelligent Creative Kids (BRICK) aims to place all children on a positive life trajectory by providing our students with the academic and character skills they need to be college-ready, and by addressing the elements of adversity that impede their academic success so that they can all become successful adults.
To learn more about BRICK, please visit http://www.bricknewark.org
Here is a great opportunity to be part of an exciting entrepreneurial organization that focuses on turning around chronically failing schools and starting high performing schools. We are looking for an individual who will help build an organization from the ground up. If you are interested in being part of success at a greater scale and looking to invest in a theory of change that actually works – then this is your organization.  


The Teacher Resident works in partnership with a certified veteran teacher. The resident spends the school year working under the veteran teacher and learning from the veteran teacher. The resident leads a small group of students during the Reading Mastery lesson and throughout the year will increase their responsibilities. The ideal candidate for a teacher resident role is one that recently acquired their teacher certification or one that will acquire their NJ teaching certification in the near future. The teacher resident will be working at Achieve Community Charter School. The school opened in September 2017 and is adding additional classes each year. Residents are being trained in the BRICK model so that as the school grows, the residents can apply for lead teacher roles.

Desired Skills and Characteristics

    • A passionate belief in BRICK Academy’s mission, values, and educational model;
    • A deep desire to work with educationally underserved student populations and their families;
    • An unwavering commitment to the academic success and personal development of our students;
    • An eagerness to set ambitious, challenging, and tangible goals, and a relentless drive to achieve them;
    • An ability to thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment and a capacity to remain calm and focused when faced with unexpected challenges;
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including strong public speaking skills;
    • A sense of humility.
    • Entrepreneurial spirit to be the founding member of a charter school


    • Bachelor’s degree is required
    • Current authorization to work in the United States – A candidate must have such authorization by his or her first day of employment.
    • Candidates must be able to start August 13, 2018

Salary and Goals

    • Salary Range: Competitive compensation package. Teacher residents are paid between 25K and 35K for their residency year.
    • Full time
    • Employment Period: 10 Months
    • Fringe Benefits: Health, Dental