Bronx, NY
Building Responsible Intelligent Creative Kids (BRICK) aims to place all children on a positive life trajectory by providing our students with the academic and character skills they need to be college-ready, and by addressing the elements of adversity that impede their academic success so that they can all become successful adults.
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Here is a great opportunity to be part of an exciting entrepreneurial organization that focuses on turning around chronically failing schools and starting high performing schools. We are looking for an individual who will help build an organization from the ground up. If you are interested in being part of success at a greater scale and looking to invest in a theory of change that actually works – then this is your organization.  

The principal we seek is for a turnaround effort located in the Bronx, NY. The selected principal must have previous leadership experience and should have a strong passion for school turnaround. The ideal candidate will have significant systems building and change management experience.

Desired Skills and Characteristics

    • Reflect on practices to continuously improve effectiveness 
    • Give thoughtful consideration to their learning and that of their teachers
    • Demonstrate past performance raising student achievement and articulate these gains with data/evidence
    • Challenge the status quo in order to help change the lives of our students, their families and the greater community 
    • Realize that technology is an essential component in planning and delivering instruction and can be used effectively to increase student achievement
    • Possess a genuine love and concern for the education and success of teachers and students  

Essential Functions

    • A BRICK Academy instructional leader works to create and enhance a culture of achievement and respect where high expectations and results are the norm. All administrators are responsible for demonstrating significant and measurable academic gains. All instructional leaders’ actions must always be aligned with our mission, vision, core values and education program. The essential functions for our instructional leaders are as follows:
    • Assists in the coordination and implementation of school programs.
    • Assists in the planning and organization of school program goals and objectives, teacher and student school schedules, and NJDOE district tests and other assessment programs.
    • Authorizes all assembly programs.
    • Writes reports for upcoming tenure of teachers.
    • Prepares/writes other reports, literature relative to school programs, goals, and objectives.
    • Performs classroom observations and other instructional activities.
    • Assists in the supervision of instructional and non-instructional personnel.
    • Signs and verifies all accident reports.
    • Evaluates/investigates all complaints.
    • Maintains files and records for circulars, bulletins, statistical data and reports, unsatisfactory performance ratings, and school inventory.
    • Attends parent conferences and faculty meetings.
    • Attends/participates in grade level meetings.
    • Attends District/SLT-sponsored Vice Principal meetings, workshops, and other training sessions.
    • Confers with teachers, parents, students, etc.
    • Performs all other related duties as required.


    • Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
    • Three (3) years of Teaching Experience
    • New York Principal Certificate or a Letter of Eligibility for Principal.
    • Three (3) letters of recommendation.
    • Attend Summer Teacher Institute