Client Success Associate

Los Angeles
Client Success
Full Time

As a Client Success Associate you will work closely with our team in support of insights and recommendations that result in measurable client value. You will be coordinating across internal team members in Client Success, Modeling and Analytics, and Product Development.
We’re looking for a sharp marketing mind, direct hands on experience supporting the design and optimization of highly targeted campaigns on a daily basis with strong communication, analytical, organizational, and presentation skills.
Our team needs you to have experience with - or similar to - direct targeted marketing and near-daily optimization. We are counting on you to learn fast and have a customer service mindset with your team and other collaborators.

Email and Email Monitoring

    • Run script to check for scheduled blasts
    • Email list of all scheduled blasts
    • Email blast performance monitoring
    • Creating & testing segments
    • Setting up attributes in emails
    • Monitoring Automations & pulling email stats

Offline Sales Reports / Audience Creation

    • Refresh offline sales
    • Create new audience file

Ecinity Uploads

    • Reformat/Clean-up Client docs for upload
    • Contact Uploads
    • Geocoding Client store locations
    • Account creation in Ecinity
    • Client Location Upload
    • Check all uploads for errors (using tool)
    • Mapping locations to accont_ids
    • Request client_location_id assignment

2.0 UI

    • 2.0 Username creation
    • 2.0 Data ingest QA


    • Build Welcome Emails
    • Build Promotion Pages/Templates
    • Load up dynamic codes into Bridg
    • Build Email Lifecycle Journey automations (message creatives)
    • Build Facebook creatives
    • Build Landing pages
    • Ad Hoc HTML requests (switching images, links, adding promotion links, resizing creative, creating title, buttons, etc.)
    • Add Bridg attributes in email templates
    • E-club & WebPOP Form building

Reports for Clients

    • Ad Hoc reports & tasks for accounts
    • PMI special Exact Target lookalike report (weekly)
    • PMI special Exact Target lookalike summary (monthly)
    • Store email growth report (weekly)
    • Survey results (weekly)
    • Add new stores (weekly)
    • Add Exact Target FTP (weekly)
    • Unsubscribe contacts from Exact Target (weekly)
    • Custom report requests from clients
    • Weekly/monthly reporting for Automation campaigns

Facebook Reports for Clients

    • Facebook Lead report by zip code (daily)
    • Facebook Sentiment Analysis (every campaign)
    • PMI Facebook Dashboard (weekly)
    • Facebook Dashboard (daily)
    • Daily/weekly reporting for acquisition metrics
    • Daily/weekly reporting for revenue lift when not ingested into 2.0
    • Help build automation journeys in 1.0 for lead gen Facebook campaigns
    • Formatting and building media summaries


    • Creation of training documents for CS Team
    • Client Presentation Deck formatting for CSMs & Directors
    • Manually building out text-in numbers and text campaigns
    • Pull contact/locatin/attribute information from SQL database
    • Customer Insights "Reveal" formatting
    • Taking notes for CSM during client calls

About Bridg:
Bridg's customer lifecycle management software helps retail and restaurant chains encourage customers to visit more and spend more, so they can predictably grow sales across their stores. Bridg helps marketing and finance teams analyze all their transaction data and understand every customer's value, then take automated and personalized actions to change customer behavior - like come back more frequently and spend more money.

Our headquarters is located in West LA / Santa Monica, and we offer competitive salaries, great benefits, and a high-energy environment with lots of room for personal and professional growth.