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Status: Full time 
Location: Kigali - Rwanda (Preferred Location), Nairobi - Kenya


Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies (AGGP) have embarked on a journey to develop responsible  entrepreneurs across the African continent in service of the common good.  

Our vision is an empowered, prosperous, productively engaged African citizenry thriving in ethical  societies with dignity and hope. Our mission is to attack poverty by investing in, nurturing and  empowering responsible entrepreneurs and leaders who benefit society by helping to accelerate  meaningful employment creation, while embodying the values and behaviours of ethical leadership.  Our values are long-term commitment, spirit of humility and significance, excellence, responsible  stewards, and diversity and inclusion. 

Jasiri Talent Investor identifies and selects individuals with the potential to create high-growth  ventures aimed towards market creating innovations and guides them in the development of  startups from scratch. The program introduces Jasiri Fellows to equally ambitious co-founders, and  supports them on an individual, team and business level through seasoned Facilitators, Mentors and  Business Coaches.

Jasiri Growth Accelerator invests in early stage, high potential startups that may  still be too risky for commercial funders to invest in. Early-stage ventures with potential for high growth and demonstrated product-market fit are provided with funding to support their growth  and assisted with investor readiness. 


The Jasiri Selection Lead will support the design, training, and execution of selection assessments  for the Jasiri programs. This role will work alongside the Program Team (especially with the  Recruitment Lead), Program Design and Knowledge & Research Unit (KRU) to develop context  relevant and data driven selection tools for the selection of exceptional aspiring entrepreneurs for  the Jasiri Talent Investor and qualified startups for the Jasiri Growth Accelerator.

Key Performance Areas:

 • Support the design of rigorous and effective assessment tools for all stages of the selection  process.
 • Manage the effective execution of the entire selection process (planning, execution,  reporting), providing detailed data driven advice to the Selection Committee on candidates  (TI) and companies (GA) selection decisions.
 • Lead the entire selection project management from planning to execution.
• In Collaboration with the technical team, develop automated communications to inform  candidates of their applications status, assessment expectations and outcomes at all stages  of the selection process.
 • Lead the effective identification and selection of internal and external assessors to support  selection efforts for the Jasiri Talent Investor and Growth Accelerator.
 • In collaboration with Finance and Legal, ensure timely contracting of qualified external  assessors and any other relevant service providers required.
 • Design and implement training of assessors on assessment tools and processes.
• Coordinate candidates assessments and provide regular written updates/ progress reports.
 • Work alongside the CRM Administrator to design, review or make improvements to the  various reporting selection dashboards.
 • Participate in the Jasiri recruitment processes for both the Talent Investor and Growth  Accelerator.
 • Represent AGGP in Conferences and events and contribute to the visibility and positioning  of Jasiri in the EA ecosystem.
 • Complete all administrative tasks and any other duties required in the role, and as assigned.

Job Requirements: 

 • Over 4 years’ experience in recruitment, selection and human resources.• Experience in selecting Talent for organizations or entrepreneurship development  programs. 

 • A Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field such as Psychology, Human Resources and/or  Social Studies. 

Skills and Competencies:
 • Language & Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Detail Orientation & Reasoning: Attention to detail, strong organizational skills, ability  to work efficiently and ability to work with program systems and tools. The ability to  reason analytically and the ability to successfully manage multiple projects are  required.
 • People: Strong people skills, with a demonstrable ability to work with internal and  external stakeholders.
 • Values: Alignment with AGGP’s values.