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Here at Ravel we believe that the way the world communicates helps shape the way the world  is. And that now, more than ever, there is the opportunity to harness powerful creative  communications to make positive change in the world. 

Who We Are 

Ravel is a social purpose creative strategy and communications agency that specialises in  building and managing impactful brands, campaigns and content.  A global network founded in Rwanda, we are a flexible and agile team united by our passion for  communications that inspire positive, real-world impact in people’s lives.  We have honed our craft working for leading-edge commercial, development and creative  organisations and have collaborated with incredible teams throughout the world.  From global strategies to on-the-ground implementation, developing theories of change and  behaviour change content to building brands that ignite, unite, transform, and inspire – we  understand the role communication plays in shaping beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour and  what it means to create experiences that provoke thought, drive conversations and motivate  change. 

The Role 
We are looking for a talented brand and campaigns enthusiast to join our growing team in  Rwanda. This role will be based in Kigali and will help shape brands and build campaigns for some of the  most exciting social impact organisations in the world. This will include: 

• Developing and leading research into audiences, culture and trends ensuring that the  brands and campaigns we build for our clients are always rooted in authentic insights  and connected to popular culture. 

• Building brand and campaign strategy, connecting the dots between audience insights  and creative outputs so that we ensure that our work is rooted in the change we want  to drive in the world.

• Helping to shape powerful creative, working with our brilliant creative partners to  develop multi-platform brands, campaigns and content that stands out from the crowd  and capture hearts and minds. 

• Developing engaging and exciting content that carries key messages to audiences both  online and offline. 

• Leading the production and roll out of our creative work, working with suppliers to  make sure we deliver high quality creative outputs on time and on budget.

• Monitoring and analysing the performance of our brand initiatives and campaigns,  leveraging data and analytics to optimize strategies and tactics for maximum impact and  ROI. 

• Collaborating effectively with internal team across function and across countries and  with our clients and their teams to ensure alignment of ways of working and maximum  impact for the work.  

Who we are looking for 

Ravel sits at the intersection of the private, not for profit, and creative sectors and, as such,  you may come from any of these backgrounds. 

Like us you’ll believe in the power of creativity to shape the world and will be excited to work  with organisations whose mission it is to achieve this. 

You’ll have a deep understanding of the power of brands and how organisations across all  sectors use them effectively to create short cuts to meaning, value and understanding –enabling them to build deep and long-lasting relationships with their audiences. 

And you will be able to show us examples of brands, creative campaigns and communications  that you have helped build, shape or roll out into the world. 

You’ll already have significant expertise in one or more of – research and insights, digital  marketing and social media, brand strategy, campaign development and creative and  production. And you’ll have a wider understanding of these different areas and how they all fit  together.  

If you have experience developing Social Behaviour Change Communications (SBCC) this will  be a significant advantage. 

You’ll be confident to bring your skills and expertise to the table and enthusiastic to continue  to learn and grow from those around you - ensuring that together we all grow as a team.

And, as you’ll be joining a small but growing team, you’ll be an enthusiastic doer, someone who  can roll their sleeves up and get stuck in, someone who is happy to multitask and is committed  to making sure that we always deliver for our clients. 

Here are some of the key attributes and skills we’ll be looking for: 

• a creative thinker; 
• cultural sensitivity and ability to work effectively in multicultural teams;
• curious and perceptive; 
• excellent critical analysis and thinking skills - able to think clearly and logically;
• high-level communication and presentation skills, with the ability to articulate  complex ideas and strategies clearly and persuasively; 
• strong self-leadership and management skills, and collaborative team player;
• excellent project management skills; 
• innovative and entrepreneurial; 
• resourceful, solution-seeker; 
• positive, energetic, can-do attitude; 
• an interest in technology, design and innovation. 

Terms and Conditions 

• This role will be a full-time permanent role within a small but growing organization, with  lots of opportunity for the right candidate to grow within the organisation.
• It will be predominantly office based but with opportunities for flexible working and  potential international travel (project dependent). 
• We offer on the job training and in this role you will be able to build on your existing  expertise, skills and expertise with significant, ongoing capacity strengthening training  from experts in the fields of creative, brand strategy, brand and campaign  development, project management. 
• The role comes with 22 holiday days and other benefits.