Marketing Team Member

Milwaukee, WI
The perfect flexible summer job - we're working on a direct mail project and need help stuffing marketing letters!

    • Your job will be to stuff, stamp and seal marketing letters. We get a new batch weekly and could use your help.
    • It's a pretty easy and relaxing job. Other marketing team members will be working alongside you.  You get to hang out and chat while you do it, so time goes by quickly.
    • We'll set the schedule one week in advance, but the total number and frequency of shifts is up to you.
    • It’s an easy gig for summer if you’re a student or for some extra cash if you have a flexible schedule.
    • We'll have you start with your first shift, and if it seems like a good fit for both of us, we'll discuss scheduling more.
This is a paid position at $10/hr. Opportunities to extend into a part-time internship with our marketing team (learn all marketing aspects, not just letter stuffing) are available for the right candidate.