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Brightseed is a pioneer in biosciences and artificial intelligence (A.I.) that illuminates nature to restore human health. Brightseed’s proprietary A.I., Forager®, accelerates bioactive discovery, biological validation and ingredient formulation from years to months, rapidly revealing new connections between nature and humanity. Through Forager® and clinical evaluation, Brightseed partners with organizations across the consumer health continuum to offer insight into the world of bioactives and health solutions. Visit to learn more.

Bioactives are small molecule compounds produced by plants, fungi, and microbes that grow in and adapt to environments that present a wide range of challenges to their survival. Bioactives also benefit the health of humans – they are the enlivening caffeine in tea, the powerful antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes or curcumin in turmeric, and they inform active ingredients in medicines like Taxol, aspirin and Metformin, the latter a first-line treatment for Type 2 diabetes derived from the French lilac flower. Science has long known that bioactives are critical to human health, yet the vast majority remain unknown and uncharted – often referred to as the “dark matter” of nutrition. Brightseed’s A.I., Forager®, discovers bioactives in nature and maps them to human health outcomes at a rate and accuracy that was previously impossible.

You are an experienced chemist/metabolomics scientist with a passion for exploring the chemical diversity that nature has evolved and how we may harness that diversity for the betterment of human health. You are self-starting, collaborative, well-organized and excited about developing and applying  approaches in natural products chemistry and analytical chemistry to make discoveries that meaningfully impact human health. You are able to both guide long-term research investigations, as well as roll up your sleeves and execute experiments/analysis on a daily basis.

Brightseed is looking for a motivated scientist to lead technical projects driving collaborative research programs, strategies, and objectives to completion. You are an expert in Metabolomics or related disciplines and will report to our Director, Metabolomics. You are truly excited about the opportunity to contribute to building a novel collection of natural products that enable human health and wellness. In this role, you will work with a multidisciplinary team of natural product chemists, biologists, computational biologists, process engineers, and product development scientists to deliver solutions to unmet industrial needs.


    • Design, implement and validate state-of-the-art LC/MS-based targeted and untargeted metabolomics capabilities and data analysis pipeline.
    • Develop recommendations based on data analysis regarding strategic research decisions such as plant metabolome coverage per extraction type, chromatography type, investigations on spectral quality, usability of orthogonal parameters etc.
    • Support multiple internal and external projects with metabolomics services.
    • Crosstrain and mentor team members.


    • Ph.D. in Natural Product Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Metabolomics or related discipline.
    • Preferably 2 years of industrial experience in a relevant research are desirable.
    • Deep understanding of the entire metabolomics pipeline, including  LC and MS method development and results interpretation that includes structure elucidation of small molecules (secondary or specialized metabolites).
    • Optimize analytical chemistry workflows by creating recommendations based on data processing for small molecule extraction and compound elucidation.
    • Training in data analysis and quantitative methods, including the ability to work with R and/or Python to analyze large datasets, is a must.
    • Using a variety of machine learning methods that aid the structure elucidation process of small molecules using orthogonal parameters such as retention time, m/z and MSn spectra is highly desirable.
    • Experience in lipidomics workflows, data analysis using in-silico spectral libraries and retention time modeling is highly desirable.
    • Demonstrated ability to lead cross-functional collaborations.
    • Strong listening, writing, and communication skills.


    • The salary range for this position is $126,000 - 141,000. 
    • Compensation for this position is commensurate with relevant qualifications and work experience, academic credentials, job related skills, employment location and other factors. 
    • More senior candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
As a lab based company, where in person collaboration is key to drive innovation, we encourage all team members to be in our office most days each week. However we appreciate and honor the need and desire for flexibility and have implemented a hybrid working model. We have a fully stocked healthy kitchen, a gym onsite, plenty of free parking, weekly team events and a state-of-the-art lab and office. 

We offer a competitive total rewards package with team-first benefits programs for full-time employees, including medical, dental and vision coverage, unlimited paid time off, life insurance, employee assistance programs, 401(k) plan, a mental health platform, employee discounts, payroll credits for cell phone and commuter costs and a paid parental leave program.

We are committed to making transformative discoveries with a team-first mentality. Successful team members are truth-seeking and trusting, with the tenacity required to trail blaze in uncharted territory. We are a collaborative team that actively seeks input and values differing perspectives. And we produce tangible results, holding ourselves accountable in the process. 

We are also committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of connectedness and inclusion. We grow and learn together, respecting professional and personal experiences, areas of expertise, and types of self expression. 

In recruiting for our team, we welcome the unique contributions that each one of us brings in terms of education, opinions, culture, color, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, religion, different abilities, sexual orientation and beliefs.