Senior Data Analyst

San Francisco, CA
About Brilliant

Brilliant is a tight-knit team of scientists, educators, engineers, designers, storytellers, and illustrators who are redesigning education at scale. 

We believe that math and science are fascinating and beautiful, but that the tools widely used to teach it are dry and ineffective. Brilliant makes learning STEM fun, through problem solving and interactive explorations – from foundational math and science to cutting-edge computer science and professional topics.

Brilliant helps over 9 million students, professionals, and lifelong learners around the world cultivate problem solving skills, build intuition, and master concepts rather than memorize them. To understand more about our approach, see our learning principles.

You can see all open roles and learn more about our team culture on our Careers page.

The Role

As a Senior Data Analyst at Brilliant, you will help us identify the questions we should be asking about our product, marketing, and business - and then find the answers. You will work closely with the management team to understand business objectives and set data priorities accordingly. Above all, you’ll help us develop the correct frameworks for understanding and accelerating our progress along our path.

This is you:

Confident about...
•  your ability to synthesize complex information, data and otherwise
•  working fast by default to produce actionable results in O(days) versus O(months), and slowing down when you sense elevated risk of a bad decision
•  context switching between verticals, and between high-level strategy to low-level details
•  questioning your own assumptions when interpreting results

Exceptional in your...
•  attention to detail
•  knowledge of statistics and probability (ML is a strong plus)
•  SQL skills and experience with data visualization tools
•  Python skills (other scripting languages are a plus)
•  familiarity with principles of sound experiment design
•  communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills

Enthusiastic about...
•  working relatively autonomously in a small team to produce big results
•  designing and running experiments that surface meaningful data about user behavior
•  gaining a deep understanding of Brilliant’s product and customers
•  supporting and deepening the “data + intuition” culture across the company
•  working cross-functionally across product, content, engineering, operations, marketing, and executive teams
Your Responsibilities

Data analysis
•  Help teammates quickly arrive at good conclusions to important product and business questions
•  Write well-structured code to pull from diverse datasets using tooling of your choice (although our ETLs are in Python)
•  Develop the context needed to do exploratory analysis from start to finish, including contextualizing the results
•  Identify the need for - and execute - helpful derived tables and data products to answer your questions and help other people answer theirs

Data presentation and communication
•  Get buy-in from colleagues, so your results are utilized to make decisions
•  Build and manage dashboards with key metrics, including automated alerting
•  Distill down results to the key conclusions, while making assumptions and caveats clear
•  Empower teammates to make use of data independently, when possible

Frameworks and modeling
•  Make sure we’re asking the right questions; when we aren’t, ask and answer the right ones yourself
•  Devise meaningful and sound experiments related to core business metrics, especially engagement, marketing effectiveness, and revenue growth
•  Employ predictive modeling and/or machine learning to power effective user recommendations and predictions
•  Develop a deep business understanding to help enhance financial and marketing models, such as LTV predictions, CAC trends, and churn probabilities

Why join Brilliant?

Brilliant has a mission you can get behind. We’re a company that’s helping to bring learners from all over the world together and create a platform on which they can excel, learn, and contribute.

We also offer:
•  Competitive compensation
•  Medical, dental, and vision benefits – we pay 100% of the premiums
•  Equipment budget for computer and peripherals
•  Free lunch
•  Weekly happy hour
•  Flexible vacation time
•  Fully-stocked pantry and refrigerator with snacks and drinks
•  Sponsorship for conferences and professional development
•  A stimulating work environment and a chance to change the world

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