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Job Overview
The Coworking Space Admin Intern is responsible for general and day-to-day business administrative operations of the company and management of the coworking business function of the company.

Duties and Responsibilities

    • Manage space access & booking.
    • Drafting and tracking contracts.
    • Manage contract terminations.
    • Manage contract renewals.
    • Liaise with MOIC regarding the incubator.
    • Onboarding and offboarding Coworkers (Space rules, platforms, coworking area).
    • Managing the capacity of the space.
    • Ensuring incubators’ compliance.
    • General space management.
    • Space maintenance.
    • Procurement of office supplies & groceries.
    • Supervise cleaning schedules.
    • Managing supplies and vendors.
    • Sending quotations.
    • Providing after-service care and support.
    • Following up with clients on payments.
    • Sending SOAs to clients.
    • Attending ecosystem events to promote coworking services.
    • Give space tours to clients.
    • Developing marketing content around existing coworking services.
    • Working with the Marketing Specialist to visualize the content.
    • Running marketing campaigns and advertisements with the help of Marketing Specialist.
    • Provide logistics support to paid hosted events.


    • An Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, or similar.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Preferably can speak and write both in Arabic and English
    • Advanced ability to plan, schedule, and execute office-related events.
    • Experience or have a background in managing office operations.
    • Innovative, creative, dynamic and enjoy fun interactions.
    • With experience in operating a Coworking Space