Growth Manager

San Francisco, CA

In 2016, BuildZoom enabled over $1 billion dollars in remodeling and construction projects and are on pace to organically double this figure in 2017, however we’re still only scratching the surface of a domestic market that exceeds $1 trillion dollars. 

We’re looking for a uniquely talented individual to join our growth team and work to increase velocity on the demand-side while maintaining balance on the supply-side. 

This is an opportunity to play an integral role within a high-growth company that is traversing an inflection point. 

In this role, you’ll:

    • Develop, manage, and execute marketing projects across a diverse range of initiatives(e.g. SEM, SEO, Direct Mail). 
    • Strategize and execute experiments and A/B tests that may touch on on-site messaging, email engagement, landing pages, pricing, SEO/SEM, and every other part of the user experience on BuildZoom.
    • Identify and test new growth opportunities across segments(device, audience segments, platforms, etc.) through opportunity assessment, data analysis, research, and collaboration with your team members. 
    • Manage performance metrics and budget tracking while ensuring learnings are shared and integrated into teams workflow.

The ideal candidate will have:

    • Several years of relevant marketing experience, with a strong focus on acquisition
    • Quantitative acuity- the ability to make sense of complex data sets and translate insight into action. 
    • Strong experimentation background
    • Intuition and/or training in user centered design- the inclination and ability to develop an intimate understanding of our users and communicate with them in an elegantly simple manner while hitting the right chords. 
    • Contagious energy- the intrinsic ability to inspire those around you in pursuit of success. 
    • The ability to harness their creativity in pursuit of discrete goals. 
    • Expertise in several growth channels on Day 1- you don’t need to be an expert at all things on Day 1 but should have some superpowers that don’t currently exist on the team and the ability to rapidly expand your growth toolset. 

Our pledge:

    • The opportunity to build and earn ownership of a key part of our business while working directly with company leadership and in doing so, learn what it means to be an entrepreneur. 
    • You’ll work on a rocketship start-up with the potential to influence an enormous market and positively impact millions of people. 
    • You’ll collaborate with dynamic and passionate peers who will challenge and stimulate you every day. 
    • Competitive equity, salary and benefits. 

The application process:

    • Send us your resume or LinkedIn profile with a concise, personalized e-mail that explains why you’d be the right person for the opportunity. 
    • We’ll conduct an initial phone screen with potential candidates, followed by a brief diagnostic.
    • The final step will involve an in-person interview with three departmental managers and the founders.  Be prepared to speak in detail about your specific accomplishments by contextualizing your formative rationale for pursuing them, explaining your execution methodology and quantifying your impact. 
    • Our due diligence process will involve a reference and background check.