Project Consultant

Oklahoma City, OK

Every year, thousands of people rely on BuildZoom to help build the house of their dreams. As a Project Consultant with BuildZoom, you’ll be the expert that our most valuable clients will rely upon to guide them through this challenging endeavor and will have the opportunity to help our clients, make the home of their dreams a reality.  You will specialize in our $250,000+ jobs.


    • Create an incredible first impression with new, extreme high value clients that will evolve into a meaningful relationship in which you fully understand their needs and aspirations. 
    • Use the BuildZoom marketplace to identify and connect with optimal contractor(s) on behalf of your clients. 
    • Serve as a advisor to your clients through the hiring process, addressing any questions or concerns that may spring up. 
    • Use our industry-leading tools to provide your clients with insights they can’t get anywhere else.
    • Build and manage your personal network of clients. 


    • Industry and domain knowledge, experience in real estate, construction, home sales, etc.
    • Experience and an underlying passion for relationship sales and an underlying passion to help your clients succeed.
    • Consummate professionalism and impeccable organizational skills that will allow you to manage a large book of business without ever compromising on quality.  
    • High EQ, expertise in active listening and clarity of communication. 
    • Technical aptitude and the ability to pick-up and leverage new technologies. 
    • A quantitative approach to measuring past success and informing future strategy.  


    • A competitive, guaranteed base salary, a high-ceiling incentive structure and premium benefits. 
    • You’ll have training and access to an incredible array of technologies and data that will allow you to be a true expert for your clients. 
    • You’ll work on a rocketship start-up with the potential to influence an enormous market and positively impact millions of people. 
    • You’ll collaborate with dynamic and passionate peers who will challenge and stimulate you every day. 


    • Send us your resume or LinkedIn profile with a concise, personalized cover letter that explains why you’d be the right person for the opportunity. 
    • We’ll conduct an initial phone screen with potential candidates, followed by a brief diagnostic.
    • The final step will involve an in-person interview with three departmental managers.  Be prepared to speak in detail about your specific accomplishments and to participate in live exercises that will gauge your qualification for this role. 
    • Our due diligence process will involve a reference and background check.