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BURGA β€” a fashion brand that’s taking the world by storm β€” is looking for a Senior Creative Strategist. Full-time + remote possibility.

We take everyday boring items and, with a bit of magic and extreme imagination, turn them into the lifestyle & fashion accessories people are psyched to use.


If you become a part of BURGA, two things are certain. First, you will be surrounded by a young team who all share the same passion for fashion, urge to achieve, and desire to hustle. Second, you'll never use "boring" and "job" in the same sentence again. An extremely versatile and fast-paced environment will make sure of that – new collections, campaigns, and product launches will keep you sharp and excited πŸ±β€πŸ

Yes, we work hard, have huge goals, but it's always easier to achieve them when you have lots of fun in the process. Team buildings, once-a-year workation, launch events, and traditions like Friday lunches are a sacred part of BURGA, and who could work without a fridge full of snacks, drinks and...find out when you join.


At BURGA, our brand's voice is carried far and wide through cutting-edge ad campaigns. The Creative Strategist will be the catalyst behind these campaigns, focusing on the development and execution of strategic creative concepts for ads across major platforms like Meta, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest. The ideal candidate will harmonize data-driven insights with innovative storytelling to craft campaigns that not only resonate but captivate our target audience. 


From 2700 Eur to 4500 Eur gross (we are open to discussing a higher salary if you have the skills to back it up).


- Conceptualize and craft compelling ad narratives and visuals tailored to each platform's unique differences and audience behaviors.
- Collaborate with product and marketing teams to glean deep insights into campaign objectives and target audiences.
- Analyze platform-specific trends and audience behaviors on Meta, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest to derive insights that guide creative strategy.
- Clearly and confidently present creative strategies to internal teams, ensuring alignment with brand voice and campaign objectives.
- Use platform-specific analytics tools to transform data insights into actionable creative decisions.
- Work with content creators and designers to ensure the final ad assets perfectly mirror the strategic vision.
- Regularly review ad performance, recommending shifts in strategy based on data insights.
- Remain at the vanguard of advertising trends, especially within Meta, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest, ensuring BURGA's ad strategies are always ahead of the curve.
- Lead and participate in brainstorming sessions, cultivating a culture of openness and innovation.
- Proactively generate fresh and impactful ad ideas, pushing the boundaries of conventional advertising.


- Have at least 2 year of experience in creative strategist/performance creative role.
- Have at least 4 years of experience in a creative role.
- Have proven experience crafting ad campaigns for e-commerce brands on Meta or other major ad platforms.
- Have a deep understanding of the digital ad landscape, with an emphasis on the nuances and opportunities unique to each platform.
- Have the ability to juggle multiple ad campaigns simultaneously, without compromising on creativity or attention to detail.
- Have knowledge of marketing, brand, and design principles and development;
- Follow current social media, fashion, lifestyle and advertising trends;
- Have a burning passion for learning new things;
- Have excellent English skills.


Experience the freedom of working on your own terms
Break free from the cubicle and enjoy the perks of hybrid or remote work life and all the perks that come with it! πŸ•Ί

Enjoy an annual workation
Pack your laptop, we'll treat you to an unforgettable annual workation that will recharge your batteries and inspire your creativity. 🌴

Build lasting connections through team-building activities
Who says work can't be all fun and games? We believe in building a strong team culture, so join us for some regular epic team-building events and make memories with your awesome colleagues!✨

We invest in your personal growth
Point us in the direction of an event, course, book, or mentor, and we’ll take care of it!πŸ“š

Get exclusive discounts and free BURGA goodies
Bite into the exclusive perks of being part of our fam! Enjoy delicious discounts and free BURGA products.⭐️

Make every day a paw-sitive experience
Bring your furry BFF to work and unleash the paw-some power of productivity! Our pet-friendly office is the purrfect place for animal lovers.🐾