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Inverse is looking for an Associate Science Editor to develop story ideas, edit copy, coach writers, and generally execute the vision of the science editor for this vital part of Inverse.

The ideal candidate will have at least four years of experience editing mass-appeal stories about some or all of the following topics, from a scientific point of view: space, nature, ancient humans, robots, artificial intelligence, and the mind & body. 

The candidate need not have a packed Rolodex of sources, but should have experience in finding the right information to properly flesh out a report so it has more context and perspective.

Curiosity, critical thinking skills, and a keen understanding of the difference between cause and correlation are the important assets for this editor, who will work with a team of talented science writers to do their best work yet.

The best person for the job is adept at seeing the big picture within a story, be it one about a new study on the rainforests, a NASA discovery, or why a visual internet meme tickles our brains so much. A believer in the nut graf, an advocate for originality, a lover of curious facts, and an enemy of wishy-washy language is the person we need.

The ideal editor is also a savvy internet operator who values story packaging, and knows that in order to build a loyal, engaged audience, every story needs to be stunning in its own way — whether it be a clever headline, a compelling header image, or a brilliant union of the two. 

While Inverse’s office is based in New York City, this position can be remote.

To apply, send five recent/relevant clips, your resume, and a brief cover letter.


    • Participate in weekday science pitch meetings
    • Assign stories to writers with clear deadlines
    • Edit 3-4 stories per day from across the science and innovation sections of the site
    • Work with writers on story development, reporting, and writing skills
    • Meet regularly with writers to discuss stories, professional development, and best practices
    • Ensure Inverse editorial best practices are met and fact-check stories
    • Work with editors to develop original IP and franchises
    • Manage science and innovation writers’ Trello boards
    • Work with the science editorial team and executive editor to develop strategy for the science section
    • Work with editors to set and achieve section traffic goals
    • Coordinate special issues and projects
    • Maintain the writer’s voice within the story
    • Develop the skills of your team and empower them to do work of which they are proud!


    • At least four years of relevant editing in science or technology journalism
    • Knowledge of best practices for Google, Google News, Apple News, Flipboard, and other publishing platforms
    • Experience with Photoshop
    • Experience working to a deadline
    • A record of lifting new or marginalized voices to a bigger audience
    • Talent for turning a phrase and adding sparkle to copy
    • Experience with management and mentorship
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