Fashion & Beauty Writer, Bustle

Editorial – Bustle
UPDATE: Thank you so much for your interest in this position! Unfortunately, we have received several dozen applicants and have chosen to move forward with them at this time. That said, we encourage you to still apply to this position here. If we have additional openings, we will be in touch!

Bustle's Fashion & Beauty team is seeking a Fashion & Beauty Writer. In addition to reporting on mainstream fashion and beauty news, writers will cover style stories that impact people of marginalized communities (including people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, and plus size individuals.)

We’re specifically looking for experienced writers with knowledge of how privilege and inequality impacts the fashion and beauty spheres. Writers are expected to stay embedded in the fashion and beauty news cycle, and pitch angles relevant to the Bustle reader.

Writers must be able to work for six hour shifts at least three days a week between Monday and Friday. In addition to reporting responsibly on sensitive topics, accuracy is key for this role. The job is fast-paced, so be ready for breaking news like unexpected product launches or celebrity style changes at any moment.

Interested writers should also be familiar with Bustle's voice and mission, and be ready to pitch a few ideas during the hiring process.


    • Identifying and pitching timely beauty and fashion stories
    • Writing and reporting three to four light-lift news stories per shift
    • Finding original content such as viral trends and smaller brands to cover before anyone else


    • A passion for all things fashion and beauty
    • A strong writing voice full of personality and confidence
    • A knowledge of privilege and inequality as it applies to fashion and beauty
    • 2+ years of editorial experience (personal blogs count!)
    • Availability to work remotely at least two days a week during business hours Monday — Friday